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Weekly Update - September 5, 2015

I received Micki's email after I published these photos, so you will find it at the end of this blog, below the photos.  It was a light turnout last week.  I'm guessing many people had company for Labor Day.

September 12 - Becky Chianese will demo the "one hour fabric basket" - her demo will not take too long, so you can bring your machines and easily sew up  your own basket.  Becky provides the following supply list needed -  1/2 yard for exterior of basket and fat quarter for lining.  One yard of thermolam.  You can use a fat quarter for exterior, however you will need extra fabric for the handles.    (I am buying a supply of thermolam - Pellon one-sided lofty fusible - that I will sell off to ladies at the fair price to just recoup the money I put out for the supply.)  You will only need about a fat quarter piece of the thermolam.  Picture of the basket is attached to this email.  We do have a pattern for this basket.  Becky adds, "It measures 7" high about 10" long and about 7" inches wide.  Big enough if a person made it in Christmas fabric you could use as a gift basket."  I think it's perfect basket to put cookies in for a nice hostess gift, too. 

We can also continue working our charity "squares" quilts.  Backing will be provided.


 Micki started by showing some different ways to turn simple squares into more interesting blocks.

She also showed an example of a strip quilt.

For show & tell, Lou showed an untra soft baby afghan she made.

She is teaching herself to Crochet and she also showed how her first attempt got out of shape because she crochets tight in one area and loose in another.  We suggested she turn this into a lovely soft scarf.

The last 3 items for show & tell were great examples of how you can do different things with the double vision quilts we have been working on.

 Eileen DeSanto Made hers into a baby blanket.

Carol Riggs made hers into a slightly larger quilt with a soft green border.

 Lois Rose used several yellow fabrics and a red binding to set off her quilts.

Hello... sorry it's Thursday and just writing.  I came home from last Saturday's meeting more enthused than ever before - just such fun working with squares, talking about creative ways to arrange and sew them together, looking at plain basic patterns, going from there!!  It was fun, fun, fun - just simple squares.  And Lois had stacks and stacks over there for us to pick and choose from.  We had a small group but it was mighty in sharing, learning, and doing.  And we have two plastic bins full of squares ready to take and sit and sew up.  I brought home three short stacks of squares and have made up 5 tops using them.  One top started with a large center square and grew from that.  Couple others were inspired by just the color scheme of the squares.  Simple and fun working together.  These tops will go for charity.  We're going to find a worthy cause to donate to especially for the holidays ahead, similar to what you all did last December.  Personally, I'm making small pillows, pillowcases, tote bags, and plan to make some small "stuffies" to go with these blankets and small quilts I'm making.  So if you're in the dollar store and see some nice little books or stuffies, these can go a long way to put smiles on little faces. 

Yes, we're still doing doggie beds - every week!, cat hammocks, Fidget Quilts, pillowcases, etc., etc. - Just last week, Lois Rose delivered another batch of cat hammocks and doggie beds up at Marion County shelter on our behalf - thank you ladies! and thank you, Lois!!

This Saturday - Becky Chinese demos "Hour Fabric Basket" - yes, there is a pattern, yes it can take "an hour" but we all have seen Becky's very fun, precise, and step by step demos before - so she'll work us thru the pattern and make it all easy peasy for us.  This pattern calls for "thermolam" which is basically a fusible batting that gives that gives loft and stability to these kind of sewing projects and others, like tote bags.   I will have thermolam on hand for ladies to purchase the size they need for their project.  It's one of those products always nice to have on hand.  Fabric needed:  1/2 yard for exterior and handles and fat quarter (18" x 21") for interior.  If you have fusible fleece - that works same as "thermolam". 

Show & Tell:

Lu Karatzas - baby afghan
Carol Riggs - double vision
Lois Rose - double vision
Eileen DiSanto - double vision

Thank you ladies for all your sewing and donations you are making.

It's never too late to join in the September Squares fun.   And this week, I'll need to "sandwich" up some of these tops that I've created this week.  Next, I'll start quilting the quilts... this part is just the best - going to share grid quilting, echo quilting, channel quilting, free motion and my very favorite past-time just sewing beautiful serpentine stitches in various widths and lengths in various patterns all over the quilt top.  Couple of the tops have some "A" word on them - Applique - so that gives terrific opportunity to show how echo quilting alone can get the job done easily.  And Echo quilting can be done using either walking foot or free motion - it's your choice - and what perfect time and place to try this stuff out than with our charitable quilts effort.  Again I say... you cannot do wrong!!  It is all good, they turn out beautiful, and you will have fun and learn - just try it!  You will think (and say), Wow, it's was that easy!!

Perfect project this week just in time for holiday gifts and ideas - One Hour Fabric Baskets! 

I'm attaching to a separate email some of the easy patterns we looked at last week for working with squares.  And some other information that I've included before but some ladies asked that it be transmitted again. 

God bless all of you and God bless America!!

 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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