Monday, October 5, 2015

Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts - Weekly Update - Owls - Quick Projects/Gifts

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies - Unfortunately, I begin this week's update with sad news that dear, wonderful Kay Flanagan has taken a turn for the worst and is now being placed in hospice.  Goal at this point is to get her comfortable and peaceful.  Please pray for Kay's comfort and rest, pray for her sons, especially Bob who has been by his mother's side so strong for her. I'm still planning to take the card and your wonderful note of words written over the last couple meetings on Tuesday and share each and every notation to her.  I'll keep you posted with any updates on Kay.

Saturday's meeting was a hoot! especially since Audrey Philips was well enough to come and get us all inspired to make creative Owls.  Audrey has "had a bug" and then her hubby had a fall, and they are in process of moving... so all that she still made time for the club - - Audrey, we are grateful and love the fun owl creativity you got us started doing.  And just imagine - each and every one its own creation, too.  Just watch for the upcoming pictures because honestly, it is too much and too hard to describe all of it going on in that craft room.  I will say a couple really struck me on the way feathers were made - Becky Chinese made small prairie points feathers (they were perfect for that) and Susie Pendry unraveled drapery braid to make really colorful nesty looking feathers.  I loved all the ones being backed with "blingy/shiny" fabrics.  And, of course, the 4 prototypes that Audrey showed us are all too fabulous to not mention again, especially one fashioned up by her 4 year old great granddaughter.  Carol Riggs summed it up with her on point one liner, "It's a wise group!"

We just did Owls - Ladies, if you enjoyed this - each and every holiday these kind of felt "ornaments" are sold, i.e., hearts for February, turkeys for November, etc.  If you had fun with these, we can always plan others!

Yes, we've started $1 dues again and I've already purchased a bunch of children's fabrics for our charity work.  And - the show & tell goodie box is getting a re-supply this week as well!!  Speaking of re-supply... going to move a bunch of "old stuff" off our supply shelves to make room for some incoming "new stuff" namely Calico Corners fabrics that will be perfect for kitty hammocks, dog beds, fidget quilts, and some of the other charity sewing we're doing.  It seems that the fleece is working very well into what we do, too.  The fleece deserves its own shelf to keep it organized, so that is a goal.  Over next couple months, I'm going to work each week to put out the stuff (that has to go) and get the new stuff organized.  In the end, I'm hoping that our shelves become more "user friendly" (ha ha)!  Wish me luck!  Oh, and thank you to Bev Minnerly (yeah, I spelled your name right this week) for staying around and being tough with me and making sure the room was all picked up and packed away.  You were very, very helpful!  I always appreciate the help with pick up you ladies do. 

We had several new ladies come in this week - Welcome to Debra Hanes (you're going to hear this name more often), Lois Hart, and Barb Guarnieri.  And special welcome to visitor Janet Haas who is Lois Rose sister - should have seen those two crafting up their owls together!!

Next Saturday after show & tell - 2 demos!!  1 - Deb Harvey is going to demo making tissue holders - this is a new version of these great gift ideas.  This version uses 4 rectangles and sews up similar to the square and round wine coasters we've done previously.  Hint... we have a ton of squares and other misc. fabrics to use up - please consider taking home some of these to sew up assembly still to add in the totes and other goodies we're making up for charitable giving upcoming holidays.  2 - Debra Hanes is going to demo making cloth books - this lady takes regular cloth book ideas and personalizes them with fabrics, stitching, stamps, and zendoodling.  What's especially terrific is the basic cloth book that she starts with - it's easy to learn, easy to do, and from there you can take the plain "sheets of paper-that-is-fabric" and make what you want.   One Saturday I shared two cloth books that were easy to make and worked up very quickly.  I'll bring those back with step-by-step instructions, too.  I don't think it will be time to demo their construction but we can always do those another week.  Debra's book is more basic and easier for beginner sewers to learn, and I have some of that fabric on hand for us to use to make charitable ones. 

Ladies, I always encourage you to learn and make a prototype project first before you start making the "special one" you want to give to a loved one or friend.  Lu Karatzas told me on Saturday how glad she was doing just that thing.  When we started the "September Squares" quilts for charity I showed doing the snowball block using the squares.  Lu right away knew she wanted to make one highlighting music and school theme for her neice.  But she never made the snowball block before, so she made a charitable quilt with the fabric squares and learned tips and techniques that work best for the special project she is making her neice.  It's one of those WIN WIN scenarios that never fail us in life.  There's a project made for charity that some kid/person will enjoy and value, and there's the specially made project you've crafted for your special someone/gift giving as well. 

As promised ladies/newbies, I'll be happy to show some basic ways to "quilt" stitch together the tops you are making with the squares!!  I'll be happy to do this each Saturday this month, as you are able to finish up the tops made with squares.  Again, we have the fleece (that works so very well for these quilts) and we have backing fabrics and batting that is the "normal" way of finishing up quilt tops.  I'll show both and will keep samples with me each week to be sure you can see and learn what to do and that - IT REALLY IS NOT ALL THAT HARD - HONEST!!!  (I'm not shouting, I'm just so enthusiastic about this stuff - get fearless!)

Finally to Show & Tell:

Lu Karatzas (so glad you are better) - baskets - hey, Lu made a really longer version to hold wine bottle - how smart is that - and pot holders - these are those special ones fashioned with recipes on one side.  Lu showed the two made up for neice of the rescued left over quilt blocks!!

Mary Ann Emrick - dog beds, pillowcases, bag and tablerunner - busy lady - nicely done, too!!

Note:  Pat Pipa and Becky Chianese have both got to be very proud of all the one-hour fabric baskets and 10-minute table runners coming in each week for show and tell - very rewarding - big thanks for Demos!!

 Lois Rose - honestly, it's hard to keep up, but we'll try - quilt - stunningly crafted around a precious bunny story that was her niece's favorite (Ed note: it's the story of Jemima duck and my niece had a pet duck she named after the book), tablerunner, and then... drumroll - finished Anita Goodesign Rose wallhanging embroidery project.  Ladies, we all know that Lois is partial to "the rose" and she Wow's us constantly with her enthusiasm and creativity around this beautiful flower - the AG designed wall hanging is not a beginner project - in fact, professionals are challenged with them.  So I tell you - Lois got a round of applause from the room - and for good reason!

Nita Hand - this lady has an infectious sense of creativity and is just so much fun to listen to - she pulled out of her bag of tricks table decors and wallhangings this week - keep them coming, please!

 Eileen DiSanto - little graceful Eileen showed her stuff - tablerunner, aprons and charity quilt - good stuff, lady!

Bev Minnerly - shared a stack of doll clothes she's made to go with the charity bears they give away.  Those little goodies take time and talent!

Pat Pipa - assorted - Pat's idea of assorted is to make something for each and every charity she possibly can!  Pat gets my WOW! award because she took the squares, fleece - made a quilt - leftover squares - made tote bag with front pocket - leftover fleece made a bear to stuff in front pocket - TA DA!! Wonderfully fashioned and made charitable giving ensemble!  - My heart did extra pitter patter over this one!  Thank you!!  Pat also made basket.  And she made tablerunners to donate to Busy Hands Happy Hearts craft show fundraiser table.  

Becky Chianese - Two rag quilts!  Everyone, last week Becky missed our meeting so she could one of the hosts for the Virtual Honor Flight at Eisenhower.  Becky told me how rewarding this experience was for she and her husband, and I can imagine very well that.  But just think of the wonderful, proud experience afforded the very deserving veterans especially those precious "few" remaining from WWII.  If you get a chance check out the Honor Flight website for future events, fundraisers and even if you wanted to participate in any of the many duties and efforts that go into putting on and making each and every one of these honor flights possible.  Becky, you are a true American patriot, lady!!

 Jane Swafford - pillowcases and tablerunners!!  Jane and Sue, ever so faithful in their orange Tennessee colors - nice shirts and scares - so sorry this week was another disappointment, but I gotta say - that team has some beautiful and very faithful fans!

Audrey Philips - bat treat holders fashioned all in the embroidery hoop - little cuties for her great grandchildren.  And Audrey made up the in the hoop raccoon that matches the squirrel made previously - again for the grandbabies!!  Please get all better and over "the bug" Audrey!!

 Sue Campbell (pretty in her Tennessee scarf) - shared the tablerunners she made up to also give to Busy Hands Happy Hearts fundraiser table that will be at the craft fair.  Sue did a neat trick making these up by doing one runner and then reversing the fabrics for a second runner - that way someone could have one runner on table and coordinating one on buffet or some other spot - cool!

Linda Parr - table runner - love how festive these all made up - good work!

Carol Riggs - jumper for her granddaughter (my favorite is the little heart) and tablerunners for Busy Hands Happy Hearts 

Micki - showed how you can make your own soft books for children.

I should mention the attachments... Sum it up - one lead to another!

Deb Harvey sent me link to where the tutorial for tissue holder is.  I was able to download, copy, paste, edit the long big pictures, etc. down to one page pdf that shows the steps.  FYI - new site I've never seen before - it looks like an excellent source of fun!

OK 1st, after doing the tissue holder, made me think about square and round coasters constructed pretty similar - folded squares - so I attached 2 pdfs one is written instructions for square and round we used first and other is a free internet with pictures making square coasters - it's good!

OK 2nd, made me think of Christmas napkins (or any holiday fabric could be used, even Jewish would be appropriate for Hanukah Tree).  We've used several versions of these patterns over the years - one is the written instructions I made up first from Quilt Shop of Deland demo years ago.  Each one of the pdf's has hints, step by step sewing, and "folding" info.

OK 3rd, made me think of the Wine Glass Lampshades we did couple years ago - these are festive for the little battery votive candles - make quick table decorations - hey how about making ones to match the tablerunners???  I'll try to find my samples and bring them in next week for show and tell. 

That said... I think I'm done for this week.  I know there are a whole bunch of you out there cheering... it's okay, doesn't hurt my feelings (much).  I'm just so enthusiastic after our meetings, seeing all you can do, seeing all we do together on behalf of little ones (two legged and four legged), and just very much enjoy sharing and learning each week with you, so I can't help talking about it... well this case - writing about it!!

While writing this note, I got email from Bob Flanagan that he has changed his flight reservations and is flying in tomorrow morning so he can see Kay first thing.  We all know that with the wonderful life that Kay has led very soon she will be in a peaceful, wonderful place.  That is very important and truly something not to be taken lightly.  Life's precious moments came starkly front and center this week in Roseburg, OR, on a small college campus and very brave Christians proudly stood up for their faith,  The evil shooter will be forgotten and rot where all evil should go, but those awesome incredible people of faith will be remembered forever.  RIP all good souls, Amen.

As always, please remember our men and women who have served us so well to stand for freedom past and present, especially one amazing veteran named Chris Mintz who was shot 7 times and broke both his legs making attempt to take down evil on the OR college campus.  Chris Mintz is a hero for all time, will recover, and will always be a testament to good and our good fighting military men and women and the freedom they uphold.  There is a GoFundMe page for Chris Mintz and I'm putting that link here because for sure he will have many medical, loss of work, and other bills over the course of his recovery.  If you feel so inclined and can spare a few bucks, every one counts for sure.

God bless all of you and God bless America, 
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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