Saturday, November 28, 2015

Weekly Update - Novemver 28, 2015

Here are the photos I got from Lu from last week.  See you on Saturday, Dec 5, for our all day sewing day.  I plan to use the time to make some table runners using my 60 degree triangle.

Helen Lawrie - talk about lovely ladies... made 3 stockings and gave them to FFAC for our goodie box!!

Lu Karatzas - showed us her crafty key ring pouches

Nancy Cartlidge - finished charity quilt!!  Great job girl!!!   table runners

 Pajama Project:
Pauline Sheehan & Lu Karatzas - Tee Shirts!  beautiful sewing

Carol Riggs - clown and our surprise celebrity - WOW

Eileen DiSanto - pillowcases and table scarves.

Ladies - One of the best things I saw all week is that dogs rescued from the Michael Vick hell hole were able to be retrained and learn love again.  It happened at Best Friends Rescue in Utah.  Want to make a nice Christmas gift in someone's name, consider that would be an awesome place to contribute to for sure.  One of the pictures I saw was so dear of one of the dogs hugging a care giver.  And Chris Moore, a Villager who lives in Village of Hillsboro, who from time to time brings us big pieces of fabric for our charity work, actually visited Best Friends in Utah over the summer and saw first hand their great work.  So Chris has purchased a whole bolt of fabric for FFAC!  It's really fabulous to get these big pieces of fabrics for our work!  

Saturday is an ALL DAY SEW opportunity for our club!!!  I'm very excited about this.  We'll start at  9 am and go to 4 pm - we'll have show and tell at 1:00 just after lunch.  Come early, come late, come in between - whatever works in your schedules.  We'll have lots of charitable projects going on, so take your pick and join in!!  

Thank you to Carol Riggs for bringing us the lovely Maisie Baird and her beautiful Christmas Trees last Saturday for us to meet in person.  Totally awesome!!  Maisie was highlighted in The Daily Sun (front page) last Friday with lovely article about how she masterfully makes handcrafted Christmas trees with fabric using a magnifying glass because she is legally blind.  What's the saying, when God gives your lemons, make lemonade??  Maise does that and more and all with a beautiful smile on her face.  Truly and honor for us to meet her - thanks Carol!!!


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