Saturday, December 5, 2015

Weekly Updates - December 5, 2015

Sorry this was posted late.  I didn't get Micki's email and just realized it.  She was kind enough to resend her notes to me,so here are the notes from 2 weeks ago:
Hi Ladies - this coming Saturday is our club's Holiday Lunch & Learn - more like lunch & play for a change!!!  We'll still have our show & tell time - so please bring whatever you are working on or have recently completed.  Let's make it a holiday fare - I did hear Cathy Franklin say that she's making her famous Chicken Salad.  I have a very favorite jello mold that I don't get to make very often anymore so that's what I'm thinking.  Don't want to cook, please just bring ice tea to share or chips, etc.  We had our Christmas tree tags/ornaments started last week, so maybe we'll see some of those come back completed.  Someone asked me to resend the pdf for this little project.  

Show & Tell:

Bev Minnerly - large bag, table runner, baskets

 Helen Lawriie - dog pillow

Ellen Hein - cat hammock, pillowcases, pj's and quilt

Eileen Navikas - bed runner!

Lois Rose - table runner

Eileen DiSanto - snap bag

Ruth Campbell - pillowcases - say, I lost count - it was a stack of em!!!

JoAnn Colin - charity blankets - A LOT! and 10 minute table runners - A LOT!!

Joan Thomas (not an Ellen) - I shared the PJ's tee shirts she finished up for us in the AM portion of our special sewing day!

Cathy Franklin - Sweatshirt conversions she is making her two granddaughters - one is Frozen and one is Little Mermaid - both adorable and nicely fashioned.

PJ's - I heard from Cathy Franklin and she and sister Susie Pindry have made up 9 more sets (5 for 15/16 boys and 4 for 13/14 boys) that is very very nice.

Cat Hammocks - after meeting last week, I cut out 13 cat hammocks from one bolt of fleece and put 4 corner tabs with them, so they are all ready to be sewn up.  If anyone wants to take some home to finish, pleases ask and I'll be happy to give you as many as you want !!  

Ladies - on Dec. 19th I'll be purging, sorting, and organizing our storage space shelves.  I've got a goal and gameplan.  It starts with taking everything off the shelves.  So that day, if anyone sees, wants, thinks they want, something from the shelves... please speak up and take it on home with you.  We've got a couple ladies who graciously keep and store bulky items for us in their homes and garages, and hopefully in the new year we can come to some solution for that as well.  Mostly I'm hoping that the shelves can become organized enough that each and every one of you can go in and pick out whatever you want to work with or on. The shelving will mainly consist of the items and ongoing work we do on charitable projects.  We really do not need to maintain a stash of stuff that is for any of our personal projects since any given week, we can easily gather those from Joann's, Sharky's, Michaels, internet, etc.  

Dec. 26th - Reminder - there will be no formal meeting.  I will be away, but the room will be open and available to anyone who wants to come sit and sew. 

Business Information:   Official set up time available:  12:15 pm - 1:00 pm  - Our club's SeaBreeze permit is now amended to include set up time for us that the room is officially ours starting at 12:15 pm on Saturdays.  Please feel free to adjust your time and travel and especially for our actual sewing meetings, you can arrive plenty early to set up your machines and then have time to chat and walk around the room before we need to sit down and give our attention to Show & Tell presenters and then demos.  Since this official set up time is new for us, I'll be mentioning it from time to time in the New Year.

Additionally, the situation with the parking lot and remote control club guys having play days on Saturday mornings.  Those guys are very helpful and will lower the rope so we can drive in and unload.  They even offer to help unload and carry machines.  Hopefully, cooler weather with Jan. ahead will chase them away and they will no longer be a problem.  That is what I'm hoping.  If they come back in the spring, it will then be something to deal with officially with Rec. Dept. Admin.  It is a big inconvenience and one that does not make sense considering how large SeaBreeze's parking lot is and their options for other play places.  We only have one good option for bringing our supplies and machines into the Rec. Center craft room and that is the craft room door.  So, please be patient with me and we will get this worked out amicably for all of us.  And take advantage of the men if they will lift and tote your machines out of your cars for you.  Why not!?!  They just seem to be standing around talking anyway.  Men and their toys!!

San Bernadino community still in our prayers... and yes, God can help, contrary to what the New York Daily News put on their front cover headlines.   There are so many stories of heroic, patriotic and good deeds... that are so American because it is in our nature to help.  How about the Sheriff's Dept. Detective Jorge Lozano who told the frightened survivors he was rescuing and escorting out of the building who said, "I'll take a bullet before you do, that's for dam sure."  They were so frightened and traumatized, they were afraid to move, afraid to follow him down the hallway to get out of the horrific scene in the building. How about the greatest sacrifice of all when Shannon Johnson huddled under a table with Denise Peraza, covered her with his own body to protect her from the bullets saying, "I got you."  Her friend and co-worker Shannon Johnson died and Denise did get shot in the back, but is recovering.  Denise said that she will never forget the smell of gunpowder that filled the room, but most of all she will never forget her hero, Shannon Johnson, who in a split second decided to cover and save her.  Denise plans to name her first child after him.  Just as Dec. 7th is a Day that will live in Infamy, so is the heroic act of Shannon Johnson for Denise Peraza.  And it should be the same for all of us Americans as the reality of what is now on our homeland sets in.  This was not the streets of Chicago or Baltimore, this was hometown San Bernadino, CA.  It could be any hometown in America and we are all in this together now.  God bless the loved ones of those lost, the survivors and their families, all the citizens of San Bernadino and please God bless America.  

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings... the whole shebang!!!  Maybe just plain old Ho Ho Ho...

 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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