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Weekly Update - April 16, 2016

Fabric Fun Ladies, hi - snowbirds and seasonal ladies, we are all starting to be sad to see you leaving again; it's always so much fun having you with us; we will greatly miss you again for the summer; but as always we wish you the best possible travels and wonderful time back across the fruited plains everywhere.  Keep us posted on any news you would like to share and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers each week here until you come back again to us.

WOW - great meeting on Saturday - Pat Piper - huge thank you for inspiring and leading ladies thru the ever-fun crazy patchwork blocks - yes, it is so amazing to see the results and watch the "blocks bloosom" as each patch is added.   AND Saturday to see the enthusiasm as you all shared your finished blocks!  Next, LU demo'd what to do with your blocks, how to make your own useful handy pouches with ziplock baggies.  It is going to be absoutely fun to see your own finished ones come back for show and tell.  As always, it is wonderful to see the room buzzing with creativity and machines ablazing!!

CRAZY QUILTING:  This is a whole fascinating adventure all in itself!  I'm serious, we could spend months on these techniques and projects and not dent the surface of how much fun and beauty is created.  Back in my previous life, I spent about two years concentrating on Crazy Quilting, so I have a very deep love for it. I've had a couple "tubs" of fancy fabrics in my garage since moving down here ready to go for just some of this enthusiasm.  It might be fun to think about next Jan/Feb., making our own "vintage" crazy quilt throws or wallhangings.  I'm game!  Starting with the center (usual) 5-sided starter "square" is the basic crazy quilt block or crazy patchwork square.  Crazy Quilting is varied and there are about 5-6 "basic" blocks to make and starting with this 5-sided center piece is the best basis you can do.  If the group has interest, it is a whole lot of creative fun to explore, like beginning with the starter piece in a corner, or overlaping to finish with an applique piece on top, each getting a special design or unique effect.  

Lois Rose wants us to bring the Cornerstone Quilts in this coming Saturday, if you have yours done.  Going to do a group picture... so even if you just have the top started/done without the quilting, etc., bring it in.!!!  All good!!!

Great job on Fidgets Ladies - wow, we put out the call of need, and you all produce!!  Please see my email about possibly working on Wed. at SeaBreeze together.  I'm asking that you email me back, if you want this day to happen.  Thank you.  It's The Villages, we are all busy, we have our set schedules, and we try but can't do it all!!  

Big Shout Out to SHARKY'S - our own backyard quilt shop - even though it is a Vac & Sew - Al Lawson has made his store a paradise of beautiful quilt fabrics.  The store window has a sign "quilt fabric" - that sign should say 5000 BOLTS of high quality fabric at reasonable prices along with friendly, reputable service!!!  Seriously, if you have not been over there lately, it is well worth your trip.  And take time to note the unique, quality notions that Al has splattered around the store, not any junk, just good stuff worth the money.  No you won't find a lot of latest rulers/gadgets, just what you need to do quality sewing time with the right tools at hand.

Group, we need an iron... Yes, our precious Rowenta that you all were taking very very good care when using - came up missing this week from our shelves.  It is very disappointing.  So our treasury has $40 extra from this past month, so we will be buying another good quality iron.  But somehow we now have 2 ironing boards - that's funny!  Whoever - thank you for the 2nd one.  

NEXT Saturday - Lunch & Learn - Lunch be green and healthy - Learn be BJ doing the sewing machine caddy.  You need to fat quarters or one 1/2 yard of material and piece of batting for this.  BJ is going to show you an EZ Peasy was of doing this up!!  They don't take long... if you want to bring your machine and do it there, totally doable!!

Show & Tell:

Lois Rose - fidgets, Cornerstone quilt, labels

and Donna Rissman Cornerstone Quilt

Pat Pipa - Fidget Quilts

Elaine Krise - 4 Fizzy quilts - Elaine, you crack me up!!!  4 Fidget Quilts ladies!!

 Linda Parr - finished, finally totebag and 2 dog beds - that's right - Row by Row bag from last summer - Linda attended the class and then left for 3 wk Alaskan Cruise next day... long story short - she finished hers this week - Congrats!!!   Luckily for me (no, mine still needs finishing touches ha ha ) there is still one lady who has not picked up her class kit - thank you Ellen Stoltz.  But my guess is, Ellen will finally get her kit, sew it up in a week, and that will officially make me the last person of the class to complete the totebag - end of story!

JoAnn Colin - crochet Cornerstone quilt - beautiful! (via Nancy Cartlidge)
Bev Minnerly - Fidget Quilt
LuKaratzas - very old Crazy Quilt Block beautifully framed!!
Sue Campbell - Bed Caddy - this is going to be demo on April 30th!!!  for this you need piece of double sided quilted material (some with be available) or upholstery weight material and piece of shelf liner (bring your own, and Sue has some, too).

Jane Swafford - Fidget Quilt

One more fidget quilt arrived. Sorry, I didn't get this lady's name.

Ladies, some of you heard about the Villages in serious motorcycle accident on roundabout at Tall Trees last Sunday night.  He is the husband of very good friend of mine, and he is just now out of ICU at Ocala Regional, but he is improving rapidly and miraculously.  There has been a powerful prayer chain for him this past week.  No doubt in my mind that there is strength and healing in prayer.

There was another incident this past couple weeks I want to comment about.  A long-standing, well loved group leader was called before the Rec Admin because someone - anonymously - complained about her comment on faith before class began.  The comment was similar to what I just conveyed about someone in need and pray for him, our friend.  One person took exception, complained, and now this long-standing volunteer just reached her final straw and said, enough, I quit.  So she is no longer leading that long-running fun opportunity that was hugely attended every week, in fact during high season, every week many were turned away because the room was too full.  Ladies, we need to be the ADULTS that we are, we will never ever like everything all the time, there will be many times when someone does or says something contrary to our own thoughts/beliefs, like religion.  That is when we need to put "our big girl pants on" and be adults.  Just listen, don't have to participate, or walk away - all good choices - but complain like the whining baby who complains about everything that goes against him - let's be bigger than that, please!!    It's easier to complain than to say, great, good job or just plain thank you.

As always, for you and your families, God's blessings, 
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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