Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekly Update - April 23, 2016

I haven't gotten the notes from Micki yet, so here are last week's photos with just my memory.

Our ladies came through with  6 completed quilts and 2 afghans, plus one more quilt top in progress for Hospice.   Great work!  I delivered the completed quilts and afghans on Wednesday and picked up 10 more of the Hospice center blocks for those who want to make more. I'll hand them out next Saturday.

Micki started show and tell with her Hospice quilt.

 Lois Rose showed an eagle puff fidget quilt,2 fabric flower corsages, and a cover she made for her mixer.

Joan Thomas Showed her crazy patchwork quilt and her completed towel turban.

 BJ showed her finished potholders and her sewing machine tool caddy.

Bev Minnerly brought 3 fidget quils

Lu Karatzas finished 2fidget quilts and by the end of the meeting had her sewing maching caddy done too!

Eileen DiSanto  made a fidget quilt and brought 3 quilts and a quilt game donated by her friend Roberta. The quilts and game went to the Ocala  Shelter for Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse.

Pat Pipa showed several crazy quilts and the holder she made out of the latest one.

Elaine Krise and her friend were very busy this week, making 9 fidget quilts!

Helen Lawrie came back to us with 2 beautiful fidget quilts.

Marti Rhyne showed her completed microwave potholder bowls.  These are very popular, since, when made correctly with all cotton fabric, batting & thread, they go into the microwave with the bowl and don't heat up.

Linda Parr showed a military themed quilt she had almost finished, for a friend whose husband just passed away. This shows what can be done quickly with a panel fabric.

Sue Campbell came with 2 quilts, one for our regular charities and one for Cornerstone Hospice.

 Our ever photo-shy Marie Bray showed a fidget quilt backed by her crazy quilt

 Carol McCullay and Ellen Hein also brought great fidget quilts.

I would like to thank you all for your charity efforts over the past few weeks. I know I was asking a lot, but you will be happy to know I made the following deliveries over the past 2 weeks::

6 quilts and 2 afghans to Cornerstone Hospice
26 dog beds and 6 cat hammocks to the Marion County Animal Shelter
5 quilts, 1 afghan, several soft bunnies, small pillows, and 1  quilt game to the Ocala Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Center
20 fidget quilts to Hawthorne Village in Ocala
15 fidget quilts to Claire Bridge of Leesburg
10 fidget quilts to Brookdale Place in the VIllages
40 fidget quilts and 1 afghan to Oakhurst in Ocala
30 fidget quilts and 1 afghan to Ocala Oaks in Ocala
10 fidget quilts to the Alzheimers Family Support group at New Covenant Methodist Church.

I've included links to all the places I delivered too so you can check them out if you'd like.

I am now down to only 1 man's and 1 woman's fidget quilt in my inventory, so I'll be happy to take any others you make, but the rush is over.Thank you all again for your efforts.


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