Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weekly Update - May 14, 2016

Fabric Fun Ladies,

Show & Tell:

Lois - unfinished quilt for Welcome Home project

Pat Pipa - 2 Kitty Fidgets

Lu Karatzas - Showed her plans for a Baby family "foot" quilt, neck coolers, shirt with paint glue trim
Jane Swafford - Fidget

Susie Pendry - embroidered zippered purses for neices, wallhanging for brother, Ben Franklin
(yes! Ben Franklin is in their ancestral tree)

Bev Minnerly - sweatshirt conversion
Dawn Wright - walker bags and explanation

Audrey Philips - towel towels, quilt top (made using String piecing technique Brenda Severa shared back few months ago) and softie toy

Micki - shared UFO's including templates for fans and Quiltsmart fusible facing used for applique, Quiltsmart tote panel similar to Midi and Mondo bags

Hilary Miles - hand stitching extraordinaire projects, dolls, bags, needle cases, etc. all of which will be available for purchase on her soon-to-be virtual store in .

Ruth Campbell - "jakey" stomp-stomp Fidget Quilts - 4!

Next Saturday - We will begin work on walker bags for Ocala Oaks rehabilitation Center.  Dawn Wright' samples will be our guide and prototypes to use.  We have plenty of the supplies already on hand at Sea Breeze to make a nice supply to donate to this facility in Marion County.  
Next Saturday - there are several bags and bins of loose and mixed up fabrics, big, little, fleece, corduroy, cotton, flannel fabrics to sort thru for the Walker bags.  We'll need to take time to do that, as well as write out the directions for the bag sewing.   Ladies who want to bring your machines and begin some piecing, that would do well.  Ladies who don't want to bring machines, that would be helpful for the sorting and other prep work needed.
PJ Fabric Fundraiser - The club began making PJ sets for the Girl Scouts Drive that takes place November/December every year here in The Villages.  Our target is to make the PJ sets for pre-teen and teenagers in the larger girl and boy sizes.  
We got an excellent start this spring, but we've suspended work for when our snowbirds and seasonal members return again this fall.  We have a very large spool (enough for many, many) of elastic already (which believe it or not is a major cost of consideration when making the PJ's).  But we will need to raise money for Fabrics for the bottoms.  
In discussion, we decided the following guidelines:  1-we will hold the fundraiser sale in the room at Sea Breeze during our club hours; and 2-we will only make to sell items that are not already part of another club's fundraising efforts; 3-we will make the items to sell during our club meetings and in our own homes (personal preference of each member to choose). 
Sign-up starts for participating in PJ Fundraiser:  Not everyone seems interested in making PJ's or sale day fundraiser effort to fund them.  That's perfectly understandable because we all participate and donate thru other venues and clubs in The Villages and your other homes.  For that reason, I'm beginning a sign-up sheet to get us started and see where we are headed towards designating a Saturday to hold a fundraiser in the fall.  
If you are a snowbird/seasonal member an want to participate in the sale day fundraiser, please let me know by return email.  I will add your name to our list.  We will keep everyone up-to-date on efforts and projects thru email and sending patterns/pdfs along as well.  
Please keep in mind that Ellen Hein will be back to show us tee shirts 101 - design the pattern, material, and sewing. Ellen has already duplicated store brought tee shirts that you cannot tell the difference other than Ellen's are better made!  She has some of the knit fabrics on hand that is part of club's stash that she is using to do prototypes and then other ladies can use as well.  This will be a huge cost saver for us to use donated knit fabrics for tee shirts.  We will hope to get cotton donations for the PJ bottoms as well.  However, since we want juvenile/teen appropriate prints that will limit what we can use and the donations.  
As always, ideas and suggestions will go along way to making our sew sale day successful endeavor for the club.
Have a good week, take care, and God bless you and your families,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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