Saturday, May 7, 2016

Weekly Update - May 7, 2016

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies, here we go...

Lu's phone number found - She'll be highlighted in a Daily Sun article about the cooling (neck) wraps that the club made and then Lu so wonderfully made for all of her tennis team members!!   The article is being done by Lisa Lawson of The Daily Sun to highlight things that make us cool in summer.   Please look for it in an upcoming article/

That's Lu and the stuff you all do, take the fun little things we learn here and there and spread them around - that's why I so proud of all of you and this club!!!  

Happy Birthday to my good friend, Hilary today!!!  Hilary is one "l" for and is so lovely, she only needs one "l"!!  She's going to start an Etsy business when she returns to England in a few weeks.  This Saturday you'll see an assortment of some of her really cool and beautiful work, and the kind of lovely items that will be available in her Etsy store.  I'll keep you all posted on that, too.  She plans to spend more time each year here in The Villages, so look forward next year to a couple "classes" planned for Fabric Fun Saturdays!!

This Saturday we're going to look at the Man Shirt Conversion Aprons - if you have one already done, please bring that along.  I'm attaching a pdf - we have several - this one is just a couple pages and has good pictures.  The sleeves that get cut off can be used for their own projects like "wine bottle bags".  We're thinking of making a bunch of these to sell perhaps down at booth at Brownwood as fundraiser for money to buy more juvenile fabrics to make the pajamas for pre-teen and teen sizes for Girl Scouts Christmas Drive.  We just discovered a huge (really really big) spool of perfect width elastic for making the PJ's, so that cost is covered already.  

Ladies, if you have any other ideas for projects to make for a fundraisers (the little fun projects we like to do and maybe you don't see at craft shows already) please don't hesitate to speak up and give us your suggestions.  We want any and all ideas we can get!!

Ladies, please put our dear member Carol Planck in your daily thoughts and prayers.  Carol, you'll remember, is our "bling lady".  She's been through a horrible few years of health problems and culminating in needing lung transplant.  She's been on and off the list on that roller coaster ride a long, long time.  Just recently, she was all the way to the operating room, prepped, ready to go under anestheia, and the donated lung failed to hold air, 13 hours after arriving at hospital was sadly sent home again.  Carol, please know we all are praying for you and wishing you Godspeed healthy again.

Show & Tell:

Lois Rose - bed caddy with room for back scratcher and slots for cell phone and I-Pad cords!  Great additions

Lu Karatzas - 3 friends' quilt - yes, Lu and two of her friends working a combined effort to do a memorable quilt for a friend.  Typical Lu!

Ellen Hein - charity quilt made from squares from our donated fabric- another perfectly made project from this talented sewer.  Ellen will be back in the fall, show us how to make a tee shirt pattern (for kids and ourselves), how to personalize and how to sew them up!!!

Bev Minnerly - phone cover, doll dress (special order for Dawn) - Bev did the I-phone cover demo on Saturday - that could be customized for Samsung, whatever, and shared how easily they go together.  We've got Bev scheduled to show us her talented ways of matching up fabric grains beautifully!

Dawn Wright - shared an absolutely EASY peasy walker bag - these will be on the schedule to make for the walkers that the facilities like receiving

MaryAnn Emric - caddy and needle cases - all good work from maejet!!


Linda Parr - afghan for Cornerstone!  Really cool "granny square" made into a rectangle!!  So smart and pretty finish.

Hilary Miles - couple of current stitching projects - so pretty - handstitching is a natural talent with Hilary

Helen Lawrie - doggie beds - I think 3! Hey Helen, hope that biopsy went well this week on your scalp - we love you and wish you all the best.  Ouch!

 Micki  - me - shared the quilt I made for Jennifer Ross, 17 year old senior at TV HS who lost her mother in tragic auto accident about 4 months ago.  Her mother was her only living relative!  Suzie Casta and Lisa Hanna Coan got together and put on a fundraiser for Jennifer, in honor of her mother, their friend, Michele Ross, to raise money for a college fund.  I made the quilt using pretty dots and gingham fabric squares and made the back with pictures of Jennifer and Michele and took archival pens to the fundraiser for attendees to write their names and inspirations on the backing.  It was very well received by Jennifer and the attendees at the fundraiser on Mother's Day.

We need ladies signing up for demos - the calendar is wide open.  How about our snowbirds, seasonals and butterflies out there - what projects are you working on - want to share that with us thru cyberspace - we'd love to hear about you and know what you are working on.  Just maybe we could work on something similar here and then when you return to The Villages, we'd have a Share & Compare!!!  

As always, take care, have a good week, and God bless you and all your families, 
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts


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