Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekly Update - Nov 14-15, 2015

Thanks to all the ladies who chipped in to make fidget quilts on Saturday.  We now have enough to fulfill Harbor Chase's request for 20.  I plan to deliver them on Wednesday.

Ladies - Saturday was a beautiful day here in The Villages and our club had a wonderful meeting at SeaBreeze and completely accomplished filling the request from memory care unit of Harbor Chase for fidget quilts - thanks for your ingenuity, creativity, and hard work! 

First of all, Linda Parr shared with us her demo "Memory Pillow" - this is incredible - so many of us who watched just were amazed by how it is really so easy and ingenious.  Linda shared the 3 pillows she has made.  Her son-in-law lost his father, Linda made a memory pillow for him with one of his father's shirts, made a memory pillow for the grandson with one of his father's shirts; and made the prototype memory pillow (before using those 2 shirts) by using one of her husband's shirts and that pillow will go to her daughter - how absolutely cool is that!  Thank you, Linda, for sharing this very enlightening project with us. 

Also on Saturday we started work on PJ bottoms for the Pajama & Book Drive sponsored by Girl Scout Alumnae of The Villages.  We were really fortunate that a couple ladies just stopped in to see what going on and decided to help.  One of those ladies spent 3 hours stuffing doggie beds, and her friend spent 3 hours cutting PJ pieces out for us to sew up.  And that is exactly what we did then on Sunday at SeaBreeze - thank from the bottom of my heart to the lovely ladies who came out in force, worked so well together, more PJ's cut out, and alll total at 3 PM we have now 21 completed bottoms, with 3 more getting down at home.  Now we'll purchase the tee-shirts to pair with PJ bottoms to make the complete sets.  

Tee Shirts embellishment to pair with PJ bottoms will now be part of this coming Saturday's fun!    We'll be adding borders and appliques from scrap fabrics left over.  We can add pockets.  We can add buttons.  We can add rick rack.  We can... well, that's up to you all... creativity, sharing, caring!!!  Ladies, you will see how easy this is.

Additionally - Saturday we're going to look at ways to make and customize Fabric Books from scraps!!  These are not difficult, they can be very basic, they can be very artistic... from beginner to intermediate sewing crafting techniques - it's just a wide open, plain palet project that individuals can work on at their own pace and expertise - and each and every completed one will be its own perfect piece.

And did I mention that we have Sweatshirt Conversions going on???  Yes we do.  Have you done one previously, want to bring it in to share??   

I'd like to see the 12 pillowcases that were cut out come back on Saturday so Lois can add them to the stash being created for the Christmas Charity giving to the shelters.  Thank you.

One more item... the little quilts you all have started.  We've got to finish some of these up now.  If  you have tops in process and want help with next steps, please bring those in and let's get you to the "quilt sandwich" stage so you can quilt it up.

Although there wasn't going to be a show and tell this week, a few ladies brought in their creations, so I took their pictures anyway.

Ellen Hein added blocks to 2 smaller quilts to make them big enough for our Christmas toddler quilt effort, plus completed another wonderful scrappy quilt.

 Elaine Krise brought in her quilt top to be finished

and Susie Pendry brought her completed quilt.

 A little later Pat Pipa brought in another of her completed charity quilts.

Our final show and tell was Eileen Navikas showing a quilt she has been working on for a while and has finally completed.


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