Saturday, November 21, 2015

Weekly Update - Nov. 21, 2015

I'm back in The Villages, so I've added commentary to the photos below.  Lois

**I'm posting the photos Lu kindly took for me today without comment because I will have limited internet access for the next week.  Once I return home I will update this with Micki's commentary. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday everyone!**

 Micki's demo this week - creating easy children's fabric books.

Lu Karatzas - 2 sets of Trees and one hour fabric baskets - got to mention cool idea Lu is putting together for Christmas gifts.  She's made the recipe pot holders, now the baskets, and she's going to put together some of the ingredients, etc. needed for the recipes and package all together in the baskets with maybe paper plates, napkins, etc. - pretty cool!

Mary Ann Emrick - pillow cases and tissue holder

Audrey Philips - 4 pillowcases - good to hear you are all moved in and feeling better, too!!

Carol Riggs - table topper - sorry to see and hear about your boo boo left arm break in cast - I really sympathize on this one!  

Sue Campbell - quilt top - very pretty work!!

Elaine Krise - pillow cases and quilt!

Linda Parr - pillow cases, quilts, table runners - goodness! you must have that "Lois Rose" syndrome coming on!!

Patty Cooke - pillow cases, table runner - lovely sewing as always!

Eileen DiSanto - flower - very, very pretty one!!! 

Pat Pipa - assorted - of course doggie bed was part of that - and an armful of little bears made with fleece, cute faces, for the baby and toddler quilts for Christmas - Pat's happy heart and busy hands at work as usual!!

Jane Swafford - pillowcases and Halloween tablerunner all ready for next year - wow! that's really working on stuff in advance (ha ha).

Lois Rose - lovely quilting of Elaine Krise pieced top!!

And, the first block of a Lighthouse block-of-the-month project

Eileen Navikas came in a little later with a great man's fidget quilt.

Helen Lowry made2 doggy beds, going the extra steps to add to the dog'scomfort. Beautiful work.

I did a quick overview/demo of making fabric books from scap - ideas on book themes, several construction options, stitch options, and edge finishing.  Heads up:  We plan to have a sewing day at Carol Riggs' house in the New Year to make some books from scratch - date & time TBD.  If you are interested in participation, space will be limited.  Once Carol is out of cast, and back to sewing, we'll get this set up so you'll need to get your name in for a spot.


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