Saturday, August 31, 2013

Show & Tell August 31, 2013

Helen Lowry used some great doggy fabric to make a comfy doggie bed.
Donna Chaffe showed several fidget quilts and some zen-tangle art.

Linda McIntyre showed her foot book pieced squares
Helen Foxx  brought a fidget quilt with a kitten chasing yarn.
Pat pipa brought fidget quilts, doggie beds  and a quilt.

Carol Riggs showed pillow cases.
Carol Planck made a quilted bag and embroidered a flamingo on her shirt

Kathy Jones came with a beautiful lacy fidget quilt.
Joyce Snyder showed some hand towels she embellished and a tote bag project she plans to put together for one of our crafting visits to Homewood.

Kathy Nichols brough some small clutch bags she made.

Debbie hutchins made a pillowcase and a walker carrier bag for her Mom.

Suzanne Brown showed a rug she is crocheting and a great flower wall hanging she quilted.  She also found time to create a fidget quilt.


Cheryl Minieri brought 2 great fidget quilts.

Eileen Navikas showed another of her artistic fidget quilts, this one with a pig on the lawn and a horse looking over the fence.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Show & Tell August 24, 2013

Pat Pipa - We got double duty from Pat this week - she bought in two fidgets and a doggie bed!!  Pat has one of the biggest hearts I've ever known.

  Linda McIntyre - shared and donated a fidget quilt.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the oohs and aahs I forget to make a note, so sorry Linda this was one of those times, I just remembers that your Fidget sparked a lot of interest and talking.

Donna Chaffee - wow'd us all - Fidget Quilts - more fishing theme versions - so cool you can almost picture standing by a river with the pole.  Donna also brought in a beautiful assortment of Walker Bags she has made.  Busy Hands Happy Hearts makes those so Sue Campbell will deliver those for us when she attends the next meeting.  Donna is a busy worker and produces lovely creations.  



  Carol Riggs - came in with Fidget and lots and lots of Pillowcases for Case for Smiles - Yippee and thanks.  Carol cleverly used her 10 minute blocks to make her Fidget Quilt!  See - that's what's so much fun - make good use of samples!!

Eileen DiSanto - Cute petite size Fidget and pillowcases.  Eileen's Fidget sparked talk about size of these comfort quilts. 


  Jill Smithson - made a color catcher child's quilt.   I owe Jill big time! She saved me yesterday because she went outside and put down my golf cart flaps so that when the rain poured down I didn't go home with a very wet bottom.  Jill, you are a true friend, and a very tall lady!!  (FYI in case you don't know Jill, she's a little one and I think that even in high heels she'd still be shorter than me.) 

Lois Rose - shared a very nice thank you letter received from New Covenant UMC.  Lois is so creative in her use of words, and animals and made really wonderful Fidgets, one with an outstanding cow!  This week she made a horse themed quilt and a special order quilt for another Catholic lady who also loved to cook.


  Gay Harris -  shared and donated her finished set of Fidget Quilts, each one a garden so special, and quilts she made, one with a very different approach to block making called "Test Pattern".  I've never seen this before, it is very simple to do.  Gay gave me copy of one-page instructions - so we'll be checking that out.  It is a non-quilting approach to quilt block making.  (that doesn't make sense... but it works out somehow!)


Cheryl Minieri - one of the most helpful ladies I know continues to create her beautiful and fun versions of fidget quilts.  Cheryl gets and idea and builds on the idea and puts this and that together.    Very fun to see how Cheryl is increasing her skills and creativity each week.  Good stuff!!

Evelyn Emmons - faithfully made a really cut eating vest to donate this week