Saturday, April 26, 2014

Show & Tell April 26, 2014

NOTE:   Ladies who took the last big batch of donated fabric beautifully folded and nicely sorted in 4 blue plastic tubs, please remember to use this fabric for charity projects of this club.  Please use it or bring it back ASAP.  So far we've only seen projects back from 3 ladies and they have been small like the beautiful pillowcases for ConnKer Cancer Case for Smiles.  And I've never gotten my two finished handbags back that were in a plastic tub next to those 4 blue plastic ones that day.  I'm still hoping they show up.  Just please re-check if you were here in Feb.  Thank you!

Brenda Severa - turned in her finished rag quilt for the pantry in Lady Lake.  Brenda took a lot of ribbing from me over the last few weeks while she creatively sewed this charity project.  The back of this child's quilt is as precisely blocked as the front and the adorable veggie tales characters just pop completely.  Very good job, Brenda.

BJ Herter started us off with her girl rag quilt - lovely it is - and just perfect match for the boy rag quilt!
Lois Rose showed 3 fidget quilts.  The first was a religious theme that was custom made in response to a request Micki received.  The other 2 were made from quilts Micki started and Lois adorned.

Lois also showed 2 quilts she made for a great-nephew and great-niece she will be visiting in May. These are both printed fabric panels that she backed and quilted around the designs.

Pat O'Connor brought a doggie bed and pillow cases

Eileen DiSanto brought a lively print pillow case with an animal print border.
This little lady creates these beautifully using the "rolled up tube" way (that is not the fabric way of your fearless leader me) and she is a master at doing this method.  She loves sharing her expertise with everyone, so please check her out one Sat.

Edie Cave - in person! - shared fidget quilt - lovely - Edie is officially in our Creative Challenge Corp (newly formed and named by me).  You all know who you are and why you are C3!  and bytheway... Edie and I went to see Heaven Is For Real up at Lake Sumter Landing after Fabric Fun last Sat. evening - had a lovely time - it's a movie you do not want to miss seeing on the big screen just to see the little girl from Uruguay's drawing of the EYES,  Everyone should have a chance to see just those very eyes.  It does not necessarily need to be a near death situation or experience either.

Eddie Cave took home five of Micki's fidget starters and completed them beautifully.

Marie Y - Back after a little time away, and showing us a beautiful tote bag with a terrific handle - more on that another time.

Pat Pipa brought in a beautiful quilt pieced quilt.

I had to include these close up photos to show her creative blocks.

Joan Galantha ooh'd and aah'd  us with 3 stunning wall art projects made using technique called fabric collage.  This is fabric fusing and appliqueing and lots of artsy know-how that wins awards.  Be sure to check these out on our club blog.

Eileen Navikas - shared a beautifully made fidget quilt using ties and don't miss looking at it on the BlogSpot, and as always Eileen shared some of the special work she did making the comfort piece.  Eileen also donated a great assortment of touchy, feely, Soft, Fuzzy, very special fabrics, to the club.  These fabrics are terrific to use for special adornments and beautiful touches.  Thank you!!

Several doggie beds showed up too, and I believe these were made by Suzanne Brown.

Kay Flanagan was in the room and we all got to hear about this lady's big news for this month - just that she turns 100 on - she and her family - 3 wonderful sons, extended families, friends, quite a gala planned for Orlando.  Kay, we all appreciate every one of the pretty smiles you share with us each week.  Happy 100th Birthday Early - can't say that enough!!

Sewing Creators - please check out the two pdf's attached (to Micki's email).  These are from Quilting Arts TV series on UCreate channel this week.  If you get a chance to see the show all three segments were really good.  The show is titled Quilted Trends - one segment on using scraps to make clothes line bowls - but I tell you the guest instructor demonstrated easiest - no glue needed - method to start and stop sewing the fabric wrapped clothes line I have ever seen - turns out great and smooth,  2nd segment is editor of Quilting Daily newsletter demonstrating a terrific way and fast to make flag shaped garlands.  Third segment was a modern quilter showing her modern way of blending colors. 

Then just yesterday Missouri Star Quilt Company's Jenny Doan showed her super fast way of making flag shaped pennants and stringing them together in one of her zippy quickie tutorials and in the usual MSQC way using layer cake cuts (10 in squares) and one seam for each pennant, then chain sewing to create the banners.  To pass MSQC specs, projects must be super quick, super easy, and use pre-cut sample packs.  Any traditional piecing, seaming, use of triangles, etc  get set aside for Jenny Doan's quick directions.  But the projects turn our great and she makes it fun, too!

Making these quick, fun flags will be one of my demos tomorrow.  They are perfect for making prayer flags.  This being May and we'll be remembering and honoring Veterans and especially the greatest generation, it is a perfect time to make Prayer Flags to display in a window or adorn a front porch expressing peace, prayer, honor and love. 

I'm happy and proudly saying God Bless America, Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Rain tomorrow, so please come, stay dry with us in the craft room at SeaBreeze, and enjoy our special time of sewing creating fabric crafts. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Show & Tell April 19, 2014

I can't seem to find a recap email from Micki for this week, so I am just going to label these from memory as best I can.  Please forgive.

Cheryl Mineri came in with no less than 5 fidget quilts!

Kathy Jones brought in a large-square rag quilt in soft yellow, beige & brown.
Brenda Seviex - Easter egg potholders, an embroidered baby bib, embroidered hand towels, and the start of a rag quilt.

Carol Riggs - A strip rag quilt
Eileen DiSanto - fidget quilts

Lois Rose - fidget quilts

fidget quilt back

Donna Pachy - her May monthly wall hanging. 5 down, 7 to go.

Donna Risman - Cloth bunny
Suzanne Brown - quilted wall hanging

Ellen Hein has really gotten into making lovely rag quilts.

Edie Cave brought in a lovely stack of fidget quilts.
Mary Nazyiowicz proudly showed her fidget quilt creation.