Saturday, November 29, 2014

Show & Tell - November 29, 2014

Photos from Lunch and Learn day

Carol Riggs showed her Christmas table runner.  This is now my favorite pattern and I'm sure we will be seeing more of these.

Elaine Krise is one of our new members. She brought a plastic bag holder and a tea towel to show.

Brenda Severa completed another scrappy quilt for our shelter kids.

Linda Lynch finished 2 more Christmas tree place mats.

Linda also showed another item, but I can't tell what it is from this photo -black on black.   Linda please tell me on Saturday and I will update here.

Nancy Cartlidge showed the Christmas napkins she made.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Show & Tell - November 22, 2014

I was away for the weeks before and after Thanksgiving, on our annual Thanksgiving trek north, so I was not at the meeting to take photos.  Thanks to Marty for taking these photos for us.
There are a few photos that were not listed on the Show & Tell log, so these do not have names attached.  If these are of you, please let me know at the next meeting and I will update the blog to give you credit.

 Pat Pipa brought in her completed Christmas tree from our demo the previous week.

Since I was not at the meeting, I'm not sure what this is.  Pat, let me know and I'll post the update here.

 Brenda Severa  showed 2 lovely Thanksgiving wall hangings.

Marie Bray showed a unique Advent calendar.

Kay Flanigan proudly showed her completed Christmas tree too.

 B.J. Herter brought in some felt ornaments she made.

Suzanne Brown showed her latest card creations.

Jeri Ceruelo brought in some fruit creations and a lovely scarf. 

Carol Riggs brought in her completed Christmas tree place mats

Linda Lynch showed her finished Christmas tree place mats too.

Lu Karatzas finished her felt memory ornaments and brought them for the group to see.

A few weeks ago I challenged our group to create twin size quilts for a group of kids living in a local shelter.  The following ladies came with completed quilts:

Eileen Navikas
Mary Rhyne

Alice Meunier

Audrey Phillips


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Show & Tell - November 15, 2014

Last week's Christmas Tree placemat project seems to have been very popular. 

 B.J. started our show & tell today with her completed Christmas tree place mats.

Marty Ryne brought in the three she made.

Lois Rose showed the front and back of the four she made.

 Mary Nazyiewickz finished 2 of the placemats

and  Jane Swafford showed the one she made.

In addition to the placemats, B.J. brought in some camel ornaments she made for her grandson.  She has made a different ornament every year for him, and although he is grown now, he still loves getting them.

Joyce Yarborough has obtained a lot of scrap fabric, so she is busy filling doggie beds. She brought another one in this week.

Darlene Marks has been on a table runner binge.  Using variations on the same fall fabrics, she made 3 table runners.

Alice Meunier is back with us and reporting her tests are all coming back with a clean bill of health. Congratulations Alice!  She has been busy this week.

First she showed a baby rag quilt


 Next she showed the midi bag she completed on her own with just the instructions and a little help from a friend.

Her third show and tell item was a napkin that can be folded to look like a Christmas tree.   She was inspired by last week's placemat
 project but since she didn't have Christmas fabric, she used what she had to show this to us.

This napkin is made with 2 fabrics in a half circle.

Jane Swafford had the same thought, and she also brought in one of these semi-circle napkins.  She also explained how it is folded.  This first fold is off center as shown, by about an inch.

The second fold is then made so that the point overlaps the circle. 

Once the folds are established, Jane suggested stitching a straight line along each fold to mark the fold lines.  That way, when it is given as a gift, the recipient will know how to refold it.

Marty Rhyne was up next.  In addition to her tree placemats, she showed 2 pillows she made as a result of a demo we had about a month ago.

Lois Rose had a few things to show today besides the tree placemats.  First, she modeled the BBQ apron she made for her husband.

Next, she showed the mondo bag she made for her sister.

She also has been working on cutting fabric that has been donated to the club into squares to make donation quilts.  As a result, she is quickly filling doggie beds.  She brought in 2 this week.

Carol Rigs showed 2 pillow shams.  These were made for a friend, but are the wrong size, so she is trying to find someone who might be interested in them.

Lu Karatzas brought in a quilt with all musical fabrics she completed. Since she used to sing with a choral group, this one is very appropriate for her home.

She also brought in a bag full of Christmas ornaments she has made over the years.  Whenever she gets a photo Christmas card, she turns it into a fabric photo and makes 2 ornaments, one for the sender and one for herself.  Very clever keepsakes!

Kathy Jones brought us a chenille quilt for our Samaritan Inn quilt project.  Thank you Kathy.


One of our new members, Jeri Ceruelo has been making felt pumpkins, but she had lots of scraps that she couldn't bear to throw away but didn't know what to do with.  Recently, she decided they would be perfect for making acorns.  She collects the tops in the wild, stuffs small fabric balls with batting and glues the tops on.  Very Cute.

Eileen Navikas was our last show and tell for the day.  She showed a purse she crocheted and then felted.  We were all amazed by the fact that it does not look crocheted.

After show and tell B.J. led the project of the week - a Christmas tree made with small pieces of fabric and batting pinned to a Styrofoam cone. 

Lois has brought the group a project to supply twin size quilts as Christmas gifts for 16 boys and girls living at a local children's shelter.  She cut up fabric that was donated to the club and put together a few kits.  5 ladies volunteered to sew these kits into quilts and several others volunteered to make quilts on their own for these kids.  We hope to have these back by Dec 13th so they can be turned over to the shelter manager before Christmas.  I am crossing my fingers and praying that we manage to collect 8 boy quilts and 8 girl quilts.  Thank you ladies for your efforts.