Monday, July 27, 2015

August Schedule with Project Supplies

No, this is not this week's Show and Tell Recap.   Micki put out an extra email this week, with her plans for August and I thought it was worth an extra blog entry for anyone who misses the email.
BTW,   I'm doing well and hope to see you all on Saturday.  According to Micki's note below, she has to leave the meeting by 2:45 this week,  but if anyone wants to stay thru the normal 4pm meeting end, there are things to do.  I have been keeping busy cutting donated fabric to make charity quilts for Christmas.  I have lots of squares cut and ready to be selected and arranged.  I welcome anyone who would like to help with that. 
Now, on with Micki's note:
Hi Fabric Fun Ladies - This is not the normal weekly update... I'll send that out later on during week after grandsons get off for home with their dad and the house settles in for some well-needed quiet...

Saturday, I shared new project ideas and I'll begin the demo for them starting next Saturday - August 1st.  They are:  Double Vision wallhanging or quilt and working with plastic canvas.   There's a surprise one I'm going to throw in because I really want to make myself an updated FL version and that is a one-strap purse/tote bag - hands down my very favorite bag of all time!!   As for plastic canvas, I'm not going to demo the big tote with fishy that I shared, but rather I'll use the fun, easy zipper purse pattern with the Lazy Girl Designs zipper insertion technique - Joan Hawley's awesome Perfect Pouches. 

Please, pretty please, don't be frightened off!!  We'll take it nice and slow... I'm not in a hurry and as I said my goal is to demo, share and learn Foot Book machine feet and sewing basic techniques.  The projects will get us off to a good start with several of these:  starting with fabric - what is straight of grain, thread - what is best weight for optimum piecing results, needles - squaring up fabric - what is correct size for piecing - seam allowance - how to get that 1/4" seam or scant 1/4" - pressing seams - not ironing! - machine stitching lengths - stitch in the ditch - decorative stitches - borders - bindings. 

1st Project - Double Vision wallhanging - get comfortable with rotary cutting rulers and cutters - cutting easy set of strips from easy size fabric - fabric panels - fabric about the size of 24" x 42/44".  I've attached a handout about strips with picture of fabric grains.  Please print this out to bring next week - But, if you are away and want to follow along with Foot Book project, please print it out to include in your binder. 

I'll be happy to revisit this page/these pages anytime, and I'm sure along the way from now on, I'll be referring back to them from time to time in other projects where these feet and these sewing basics and techniques are used!!  (I will have a few printed copies for ladies who cannot print out at home - cost will be 10 cents per page). 

Fabric requirements for Double Vision:  Two Fabric Panels or One Fabric Panel and One Background Fabric.  Fabric Panels are WOF pieces about 24" x 44".  Thus if using one Panel and one Background, 2nd piece of fabric should be 24" x 44".  You can complete wallhanging using just the two pieces (two panels and/or one panel and one background).  However, if you want to include additional borders, binding, accents, you will need two (2) 1/4" yards coordinating fabrics for the top (NOT FAT QUARTERS)  and one (1) 1/2 yard coordinating fabric for the bottom.  You will need thread to match fabric, batting, and backing fabric approx. 40" X 50".  Double Vision is created by using contrasting and/or coordinating fabrics together.  What are contrasting - high contrast would be opposites on the color wheel (red-green, blue-orange, yellow-purple), coordinating could be same color, or triad color scheme (orange-green-purple or red-yellow-blue). 

OR:  Want to follow along, work with the machine feet, techniques, and end up with just a nice quilt top to finish for a charity quilt - Use two pieces of contrasting fabrics approx. 24" x 42-44", add in coordinating fabrics of your choice if you like, too.  Then, after working thru the exercises and making a prototype, you can buy some of the gorgeous, expensive panels available today and confidently sew up your own masterpiece to give away or cherish.

Want to work along but don't want to buy fabric yet - or afraid project is too big to start off with - here's an option:  I have 4 smaller size panels that I've paired up with background fabrics for some ladies to work up and then these can be finished into small quilts for children.    These 4 smaller projects will work along the exercises just the same as our full size panels, only ladies will not be cutting longer strips and sewing longer seams.  These will finish approximately 18" x 30" size.  It's the learning/sharing process, sewing exercises, and getting comfortable with your sewing machine and its feet that counts.  Having a nice project or charitable piece at the end is just bonus.

Want to hold off buying fabric or even doing this wallhanging/quilt project:  You can do that as well and just work thru the Foot Book pages, doing the practice exercises, creating your samples for reference, understanding the terms, etc.

The club has several rotary cutting rulers, rotary cutter, clutch glove, and mat, so beginners no need to go out and purchase those notions to start.   Our mat(s) are getting a bit older and well used but they will get us thru this project for sure.  And some of us bring our own travel size mats to meetings to use.  We all share!  

We will need to start meeting - show & tell, then demo - promptly at 1:00 pm on Saturday.  Demo this week will be information, looking at fabrics, handout information, and cutting our strips, sewing accurate seam.   Beginners, there are a lot of talented ladies in our club who attend our meetings weekly, and they all have ideas, tips, and provide help so freely.  Everyone, you do not need to bring your sewing machine this week unless you want to.  After demo, I will be leaving at 2:45 pm for the Coast Guard Birthday party at Eisenhower.

That's a lot of information, about all I can think of to give you "background".  Again, this is just what I've got going on starting in August.   I'm sure as ladies know, other options will come up - they always do.  And as always, there's our charity projects ongoing with cat hammocks, dog beds, fidget quilts, quilts, blankets and pillowcases for the shelter.  There's plenty of that sewing always available.  Wow - check out picture of pile of cat hammocks sewn up last week by Joan Pendry one of the newbies!  That will be part of the weekly update. 

As always, thank you for your interest and social sewing crafting fun.

God bless all, 
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekly Update- July 25, 2015

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies - per requests, two attachments - snap purses and cat hammocks.  I'm also adding more pdf documents that are part of demos on Foot Book starting this Sat.    They offer good information to learn or refresh your understanding of fabric grain, basic rotary cutter tips, piecing tips, press vs. iron,  and scrappy strips.  These documents have been created from websites and blogs of quilting and sewing artists who have "been there, done that" and offer up and share their tutorials and tips.  I admire these artists, just copy/paste/edit/re-size/print so that information can be sized to fit onto one or two sheets of paper.   That way, we can then use and reference their helpful information in our sewing crafting social time at SeaBreeze.  It's up to you if you want to print out one/two/none/all, etc. of documents to keep in your own Foot Book for future reference.    No need to bring your sewing machine this week unless you want to cut strips and start sewing them together.  However, I will need to leave at 3:00.  I will demo sewing the strips, but do not plan to sit and sew strips at SeaBreeze this week.   FYI - I really like this strip piecing pattern that creates a big wow looking project.

August - using strips - starting off this first Sat. of August with basic fabric information, color wheel, rotary cutting strips, sewing strips accurately, pressing the tops/projects we make.  Weeks 2 and 3, we'll take our pieced together tops and look at machine feet and machine sewing techniques to finish  up our wallhangings and/or small quilts. 

September - using squares - we'll be having fun creating little/big masterpieces with little/big squares - patterns and info to follow.  And guess what - Lois Rose has been doing a lot of prepping for us while recovering from her recent surgery and health ordeal.  (Big thank you! in order!)   We'll be making a push for charity quilts to make from the squares.  Sept. 12th - Becky Chianese will demo a one-hour basket!  Becky's demo's are always fun - we're able to "crank" out a bunch of the goodies in no time, and enjoy some pretty good instant gratification!

Wow when getting into Aug/Sept. timeframe then we now that fall/winter ahead, all the holiday sewing and gift projects get jammed into our time.  If any of you ladies have easy/hard/medium/or-just-plain-fun-terrific holiday projects/gifts you want to share with the club, please don't hesitate to email me back, I'll be very happy to set up with a specific week convenient to and for you to demo,   Most of what we'll be doing for August and September projects, the sewing will go fast, and probably would be easiest to accomplish at home in your "own sewing place".  I say "place" because I still like just setting a machine at my dining room table and sewing for a couple hours in front of the TV out in the living room.  It's just something about it that contents me rather than being "stuck" in my sewing room. 
Additional sewing days - starting in August and running thru the winter months, I'm going to set up additional day(s)/time(s) each week for our club, to offer ladies working thru Foot Book pages, charitable sewing, holiday projects, etc., etc., extra time for sewing/sharing/helping.  For instance in August, we'll need to have a separate day to make up Fidget Quilts - especially for men - since our supply is getting low. These extra days will just be week by week, and one of those things that if you're here, have the time and want to attend - great - but we all experience the same time here in The Villages - time deficit daily/weekly. 

Show & Tell:
Marty Rhyne - embroidery additions to old & worn shorts 1 - to cover a hole - that's the ghecko, and then 2 - ladybug embroidery added to cover new hole created while adding 1st design.  Who says we can get created and then create some more!!
Jane Swafford - FIDGET QUILT!  Jane - girl, you are really branching out with your sewing each week - thank you!!

 Eileen DiSanto - mens and ladies eating bibs for Busy Hands Happy Hearts charity sewing, snap purses

Carol Riggs - Snap purses - okay, Carol & Eileen has a sewial time!!
Susan Morris - Zippered pouches - love these!!  great pattern

Nancy Cartlidge - quilt with binding, fidget quilts and a quick project using washcloth to make a sewing notion holder from web

 Joan Thomas - Questions about embroidering - mainly adding name/initials for pocket of tote bag - suggestion made to do some fun applique work to add her name/initials - end result the same without the use of hand stitches or an expensive embroidery machine.

Want to see more on snap bags construction - here are a couple of tutorials to check out:

As always, have a good day, have a good week and God bless to all,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Weekly Update - July 18, 2015

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies - Saturday's meeting was one of our "this and that" days - summertime smaller group but that never tampers our fun and never ever tampers our inspiration and productivity - and we welcomed 4 new ladies who (I don't think) we didn't seem to scare away with all our charity sewing talk.  In fact, I think all the 4 newbies already have joined in sewing projects and even took some stuff home to sew, too.   That's the spirit!  

One lady has a pretty simple sewing (what I call "vanilla" version) machine - not a whole lot/any whistle and bells - and yet in just about 15 minutes looking at just one of the machine feet and 3-4 of the basic stitch options - I was able to show her some really fun ways to use the machine and its stitches - and possibilities ahead with it.  That was really "cool" for me to have that opportunity to do and I'm actually sorry I don't take time or get more time to do that with meetings.   In a separate email, I'm sending out an available embroidery sewing machine here in The Villages.  Yes, that is always a way to get into more advanced sewing crafting, but you can get into "a whole lot of advanced-type-fun" all with a vanilla machine, too. and that's kind of my goal with Foot Book exercises and practice pages.  It's how I learned to use my machines and sew with them, and it has always been the best base for me to build upon.  It's the old saying of "get your feet wet" and go from there then.  

FYI - 3 of 4 newbies all live south of 466A in new areas of The Villages and so our club continues to grow in all directions along with our neighbors!!   So we have ladies from around the country (and outside the U.S.) and ladies from around The Villages.   One lady this week came to live in The Villages from as far away as Orlando, FL! and one new lady came to live here from my hometown, Baltimore, MD.  Welcome all!!!!!

Next Saturday - Lunch & Learn - "By the Sea" Fare - Joan Thomas already has "tuna salad" and I'm making "kelp salad" - not really using kelp, just using SpongeBob SquarePants name... As always, NO RSVP necessary, come early, come with food, don't bring food, there's always enough and there's always a nice assortment for one and all to partake from.  Learn - something will be something "fishy"!!

Before I forget again! - great suggestion came up last week on how to "stuff" the doggie beds at home.  We always mention, take a "form" home and have it near your sewing space sew(or so) that when scraps come up... just put in the form, and before you know it that empty form will be 2/3 full and ready to sew the opening close and Wallah--- another doggie bed complete!!  Great suggestion is - sew up 3 sides of form leaving one side completely open, then insert the form in a garbage can (like we do with our plastic can liners) and fill, fill, fill, easy peasy way to have the opening available and stuffing takes on another facet altogether - once "full" just pull out of can, sew up the 4th side and wallah - that's complete!!   We got that fun- useful - suggestion from not only Marty Rhyne who heard it when watching one of fun videos at Missouri Star Quilting Company.  FYI - that is one (if not the one) top websites for sewing tutorials and especially quilting - fun, fun lady who has great personality, likes shortcuts and loves sharing sewing crafting fun and knowledge.  check it out!!

Here's the link for anyone who hasn't been to the website before:

I gotta tell you though... going there can be costly because there's always an abundannce of wonderful sewing ideas to buy, fabrics, notions, etc. etc.  

Show & Tell:  

Pat Pipa - doggie beds filled by Allamanda chapter of quilt guild, Christmas Block - Allamanda chapter's addition to the golf cart quilting cover being made for the Christmas Golf Cart Parade - very cool!

Suzanne Brown - machine embroidery tissue box cover and towel holders - these are very nice project to have fun with - Suzanne certainly is enjoying her new machines and doing a "bang up!" job of learning and growing her crafting fun.  But that's our Suzanne for sure!!  And as always - she loves sharing the fun and knowledge, too.  And Suzanne is current President of Allamanda chapter - and she took home a couple more doggie bed "forms" for filling by the ladies when they bring in their scraps.  

Side note here - talk about scraps - A lady came in with 3 bags full collected from Manatee and Eisenhower chapters of quilt guild - she was just dropping them off - then before going home - Judy Johnston and I stuff, stuff stuffed form after pre-made form, Pat Pipa sewed up the openings - and I think we had about 12 beds made in about an hour or so.  Thankfully, one of Judy's neighbors is on board of Sumter County animal shelter, so she loaded up back of her van, called her neighbor, and was delivering them on way home.  I said thankfully because in all honesty, my garage cannot hold one more thing for Fabric Fun, we are still without our dear heart Lois, and our shelf space at SeaBreeze is jam packed already - so I was going to be in a real "pickle" if it weren't for Judy on Saturday - Hey, I owe you, girl!!  Thank you!!  And we don't always get many beds over to Sumter anymore, so that was kind of neat, to boot!!!

 Carol Riggs - pillow case and dog bed that she sewed up from taking home fabic last week -yeah!  that's what we're talking about!!  Carol is our resident one-liner-lady who has been pretty quiet of late... but did get in a few zingers last week and yesterday!

 Marty Rhyne - thank you again for doing your effecient photo snapping - and you're getting pretty good at it (we didn't have to remind you once this week - ha ha!!!!) Seriously, without Marty's "focused" effort... if left up to me - Lois knows that many many pics would have fallen by the way side... Thanks Lois for picking Marty and thanks Marty for saying yes!!  So Marty shared her Bobbin the Robin - great job! and Zipper pouches made from MSQ tutorials - Hey Marty, we've had a few live tutorials during FFAC meetings - what are we "chop liver!"  No seriously, this is proof positive and goes to show how we have fun around here.  See it once, twice, or see it somewhere else once twice, bring it in to share - just more fun for sure.  This is why I love our weekly show & tell start for meetings, too.  It keeps all this stuff current year round for us.  I love the pouch pattern and tutorial on MSQ, too.  It's a very good one!!

 Donna Chaffe ... drum roll ... Big Wow here - I should say Big Bling Wow Alert!  Donna has huge creativity and expertise styling and making purses and totes.  She shared a newly made tote with parrot fabric and simple napkin rings embellishing.  Then Donna shared tote she made using the Row by Row Timeless Treasures fabric using same tote pattern as parrots, adding crystals bling galore and WOW! they sure make that fabric POP!!  No kidding, everyone just went "OOOOOOHHHH!!!"  And additional prettiness added by fabric bow where napkin rings were in parrot version. 

Another side note here - Can't mention Bling without saying hello to our bling expert, Carol Planke, has been fighting health issues for a long time and I forget to include her every now in then in our prayers, but I know a lot of you keep Carol in your thoughts and prayers because you all ask about her at meetings.  And then - meeting like yesterday with Bling inspiration - and we realize how much we depended on Carol for her inspirations there.   So we're glad for Bling inspiration, we look forward to more - and as always say, get well Carol!!

Jane Swafford - always the lady, Jane followed the bling explosion with grace - and shared (no, not more pillowcases) a batch of Christmas ornaments she stitched up and stuffed this week - she's got enough to deck out a tree or fun garland for sure.  Adorable ornaments made from a pretty panel of fabric.  Christmas in July~~  I love it!

 Eileen DiSanto - pillowcases - yeah - couple real cuties with john deere fabric - oh and Eileen keeps us  up-to-date on one of our former sewing crafting buddies who now lives a way further north of us in upper state New York, Pat O'Connor - they are getting ready to enhance their home up there but plan to be in FL for Dec. - big shout out hello to Pat!! 

Nancy Cartlidge - shared another one of her "block" quilts made up this week - this one not done using rag quilt technique - it's going to be a cozy one for a little girl who lives up north - flannel on top, flannel on back and warm & natural batting in between.  And Nancy made up a pillow with some of the blocks adding a zipper to the back for easy on/off ad laundering.  Pretty pieces, lady!!  

FYI - Ladies keep asking Marty about her awesome tote bag that she carries her stuff each week to/from FFAC meetings - it's a 31 Bag - and Marty bought in catalog to share that shows complete line of their wonderful bags, totes, and other accessories.  Marty's good friend is a 31 Bag Consultant and her website is

Cat Hammocks pdf is attached on how to make those sweet beds - we found fleece and stretchy jersey knits are pretty good fabrics to use.  (See email or go to

Ice Me Nicely - small and large ice pack bags made out of terry cloth, old towels, or just tee-towels - that was a demo on Saturday - these are very useful and can be personalized or accessorized as well - the ice pack inserts are made with water and isopropyl alcohol - the latter makes for nice inserts because they get very icey cold ad slushy and not hard as a rock like a block of ice.  easy pattern and easy to make.

Prayer Chain updates:  News from Hilary about Barry was not what we wanted to hear - yes, there's cancer to deal with and he'll be in an aggressive battle with help of Hilary and his doctors for next few months - please pray for our friend Hilary and her sweetheart Barry - send your thoughtful prayers to across the pond to our east - you know the Atlantic Ocean - all the way to Barry and Hilary in England.  Barry is a tough old bird and the Big C will be no match to him for sure!!  But we can all use all the prayers possible.  God bless you two over there!!  We miss you and want you very very well for your visit next year!!

The Daily Sun article - hope everyone got to see the nice article on our club in yesterday's The Daily Sun Section C.  We're always glad to get the press especially when it emphasizes the hard work, enthusiasm, and good deeds you do each and every week making comforts with your sewing crafting talents.  Thank you everyone from the bottom of this leader's heart - you're the best!!!!

Talk about the best... that's our U.S. Military men and women - boy, they sure took a big hit this week - especially the Marines and Navy - but ladies, that was a big hit on our country - period.  Call it by any name - it was another terrorist attack by Islamic Radicals on our country - whether lone wolf - whether terrorist cell - whether ISIS motivated - ISIS inspired - parse all the words in the dictionary - it was a Muslim radicalized who committed this horrible crime to kill and mane Americans, our Nation, and our way of life.  We better insist on leaders in the 2016 elections who are going to name this enemy, put forth a plan to defeat this enemy, and then unleash our military on that enemy.  Stop with the parsing of words, pandering, meandering, stop creating ridiculous rules of engagement, and stop with political correctness - it is not racist to say that Muslims are killing Americans - it is common sense!!   It is not racial profiling to follow and invesigate Muslims who write Facebook pages about promoting Islam in America and hating American people and American way of life, and wanting to please Allah  - or whoever the H their that morbid idea or thing they idolize and follow.   More than ever, our military needs our support and our prayers - for the fallen, their families and loved ones - for their fellow soldiers who are hurting deeply - they all feel it - from the lowest to highest ranks - men and women alike - brave, true, our soldiers standing up for freedom - God bless each and every one and their families, Amen. 

 As always, have a good week, take care everywhere and God bless all of you, 

 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekly Update - July 11, 2015

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies:

Short show and tell list this week, but not short on fun information.  I'm not going to linger long on my Pintuck demo because basically it was another one where I showed what not to do... But for sure this kind of demo really nails the reason(s) for doing practice squares and exercises, especially with your various sewing machine and machine feet, including the different kinds of needles and threads we can use today. 
I really miss my Bernina 150QE that was my "go to" machine for any and every demo with machine feet and techniques.  I pledge to get that machine back because I absolutely give up on trying to demo with the Viking Sapphire 875.  I gave the 150QE to my daughter-in-law because she wanted to make a t-shirt quilt, but... 2 years or so later... still no time with active career and two boys (and a hubby makes 3) undertow... she's never been easy sewing with it, still prefers the little Janome Gem... so when Scott drives here to pick up grandsons later this month... yes, I'm going to ask him to bring my machine on back to me, so I can "borrow" it back for demos.  I'm really tired of embarrassing myself and botching the fun techniques I'm trying to show you ladies.  None of this FOOT BOOK stuff is "rocket science" and most is just simply doing a couple steps to achieve max results, some of it can be considered "advanced sewing" work... but always when you work thru the practice ideas, you can achieve your own results that can be used in any of your sewing crafting fun. 

Dues suspended for summer... I forgot to mention that with our smaller groups, and with all the "supplies" currently on hand, there's no need to collect our $1 dues-week-you-come at least for the summer.  Maybe when things get into full swing in the winter and we see a need for supplies or whatever, we'll reinstitute the $1 dues, but I'll give you "fair warning" about that. 

Show & Tell:

Jane Swafford - two more pillowcases - let's see. this is starting to add up for me... Jane brings in at least 2 new pillowcases a week, she's been doing this for months... maybe a year now... 2 per week, 4 wks per month amounts to just under 100 pillowcases for charity!!  By any estimation, that's pretty awesome, Jane!!!

Pat Pipa - another lady tireless with charity sewing - shared an assortment, of course, starting with a finished doggie bed.  WOW item is completed - quilt - with the handstitched blocks and quilting, just lovely.  And near and dear to my heart, Pat shared some of her finished Foot Book practice samples and stitch outs.  Thanks, Pat - WOW (for me) I'm so glad you are back!!

Suzanne Brown - yes, everyone, we know she exists, she lives here, she works at Sharky's - and she still has time to visit our club!!  Yeah.... Suzanne shared her version of Row by Row Tote Bag.  I say "her version" because honestly, I've not seen two of these tote bags exactly the same.  The fabric is fun and fantastic, the pattern itself is a challenge and therefore everyone does their own thing with it - but the result is your very own very fun beachy, sunny, traveling, type tote bag to use.  Sharky's keeps the wonderful Timeless Treasures Row by Row fabric in stock, and as always... Sharky's is fun, reputable, and give FFAC ladies a 10% discount!!!

Eileen Navikas - shared a fun quilt she whipped up this week - "Casting Shadows".  This is the shadow box quilt pattern, sometimes called Attic Windows or version thereof.  Eileen with her art theory expertise made a version with solid blue fabric shadow in a baby quilt size.  This is a wonderful quilt block and pattern to use when you want to really highlight a featured fabric or theme.  It offers a "stunning" effect with very easy piecing of straight seams.  The actual "Shadow Box" pattern used by Eileen is from "Mountain Peak Creations".  put those in your "google search" to see variations and the actual patterns.

Thanks again to Marty Rhyne taking pictures for Lois Rose!!   We all know that Marty is inquisitive and not shy... Praise to you Marty!  This week... #1 Marty's inquisitive mind wanted to know how to square up a couple pieces of fabric she has on hand and wants to work with.  #1 easy peasy, fold in half, fold in half again - thus fabric is in "quarter" size, use a square ruler to square that up, or "rectangle" up, whatever size you're going for just ruler, rotary cut, mat and you even up the sides with two easy cuts - KEY here is 90 degrees (straight) edge in one corner.  

 #2 Marty's inquisitive mind asked how to ideas to repair shorts zipper so she could still wear the shorts.  Little background... these pretty in pink plaid shorts are Marty's favorites but to her friends they are "why are you always wearing those shorts?"  -  Reason being... Marty likes these shorts so much, she bought two!!  Her friends don't know she's got two pairs - thus why she always has on her pretty-in-pink plaids.  BUT #2 not easy peasy - no fix for this shot zipper - it's a gonner!!  We came up with a couple very complicated suggestions but all agreed upon only option - go VELCRO.  Okay, so now our inquisitive minds are thinking... what's Marty going to come up with and will this Velcro fix do the trick?? 

Change of pace... Prayer Requests going out for hubbies... Ladies, I forgot to mention last week terrible news we got from Hilary and Barry when they got back to England from their vacation trip here in June... Barry has a growth on his neck that Hilary showed us then... yes, you know where this is going... they get back home, see doctor, scans, x-rays... it is cancerous tumor.   We are all holding our breath waiting for doctors to make their determinations, decide on a gameplan, and get Barry on best road to quick recovery as possible.  He has more tests this week and the doctors are even scaring the heck out of them that there may be spread to his liver... let's send out prayers quick to say - NO - let's not got there, God!  Each year when Barry and Hilary make their way over to The Villages for fun in the sun - we share many many laughs over good food eating out, Barry and Mac golf up a "storm" (literally this year that's how it went!) and Hilary blows me away with her stitching and creativity expertise.  I can't tell you how sweet this couple is to know (and love), and so as I've shared this information with you and asked for your prayers for Barry, it is with sadness and tears in my eyes.  I have to do the tears to get to the smiles... I need some of Lois Rose's "brilliant" spirits!!

Please continue to pray along for Eileen Navikas's hubby and his dialysis regimen now which seems to be going well and that's so good to hear.  And we should be hearing good reports back about Nancy Cartlidge's husband soon again.  These men... where would they be without their strong, loving wives!!   

I  have yet another prayer request for all of you... Please join me in praying for a very hard animal rescue worker - Kathy Peacock - director of Suncoast Basset Rescue over near Bradenton, FL.  Her story is the opposite of Lois Rose - had the operation - but the cancer had made it to lymph nodes - she's going to need chemo, radiation and it's going to be a full blown battle ahead.  I know of her because my neice who lives in Bradenton works with SBR, and Mac and I are right now in process of adopting a 5-year old black Lab Mix who was rescued with a basset hound a month or so back.  So I've known about SBR for couple years hearing and seeing my niece's involvement, and the endless and self-less love and work the rescue workers and families invest to care for what they fondly call "fur babies".  I'm going to add a photo to this email of a rescue from this weekend in Miami Dade going to SBR - a mother and her puppy - Mama Bailey and Baby Oliver.   I know there's plenty of this rescue stuff going on closer to "home" here in The Villages, but this is what I've seen kind of firsthand... please prayer for Kathy and her good fight ahead. 

 God bless everyone and God bless the USA,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Weekly Update - July 3, 2015

Hi Ladies, Happy July!  Meetings for July will be Show & Tell, followed by Foot Book & Sewing Technique Demo, and then sewing time - to stitch out your sample or join in charitable sewing.  This month's Foot Book will be 1-Bobbin Work, 2-Pintucks and 3-Couching.  Pdf handout pages are attached (to email) that explain and illustrate the special sewing machine feet that can be used.  However, each of these techniques can be sewn without the special feet attachments.    For those of you playing along... Goal is to create a binder/book/sampler special to you that contains the pdf handouts along with your very own stitched up example.  Mine will be in ABC order but your very own can be organized how best for you.  I'm going to use a regular 3-ring binder for my book this time so that I can keep handout pages and stitch examples together in plastic sheets.   And, it always fun to look at ways these sewing techniques improve and embellish our various projects.   The foot book exercises are meant to inspire, learn and share all our various levels of sewing enthusiasm and "expertise".  I hope that it will be fun for everyone.

Charity Sewing - Each week for July and August we'll have Male Fidget Quilts, cat hammocks, doggie beds and pillowcases to sew during meetings along with any small blankets and quilts, too.  We all really have fun joining in the charitable sewing.  We have the supplies needed for all these on hand to sew up in hour or so at meeting.   Sounds like a lot - well sure - but one by one, it'll all add up pretty quickly.  

Projects - We've been having lots of fun with the Row by Row Tote Bag and Bobbin Robin projects - both are still ongoing and we have such fun seeing the finished projects as they show up.  Ice-me-nicely (covered ice pack in two sizes) is a project from first
year of club - and it is a quick,  useful project to look at - see pdf attached - It will be laid out in stages for ladies to see/do either at meetings or at home.  ??? - what's next - let us know if you have a project to share, or there's something you want to look at - we'll make that happen.  This club is for all sewers - beginners to advanced - don't be shy.  
Show & Tell:

Nancy Cartlidge - pillowcases, dog bed, finished Row by Row Tote Bag - with designer outside pocket made with elastic to expand and Nancy's initials, and lots of inside pockets including the large zippered pocket.  

Joan Thomas - Row by Row bag with pockets inside and outside

Audrey Philips - Pretty Pockets that are made for breast cancer ladies to give comfort and aide, and Row by Row bag 

Rita Burrows (new lady, lives in Orange Blossoms Hills) - Beautifully made throw pillows

Eileen DiSanto - 2 quilts - made using middle panels to embellish and border, 2 pillowcases

Pat Pipa - Welcome Back!!  and Get well - over that cold you ended up with on your trip - Quilt top made using hand stitched squares (the ones Lois Rose handed out a few months back!)  Beautiful stitching by Pat who is an expert with Redwork and other hand embroidery stitching.

Donna Pachy - (Coasters?)

Marty Rhyne - Thank you for taking pictures for Lois Rose - shared a very nice Thank you to everyone for prayers for her son who was deployed in Middle East - he's back now and wedding happened and all is well.  

Next Saturday - You can bring machines if  you want to help with charity sewing and after machine foot/technique demo if you want to sew up your sample during meeting time.  Attached are the pdfs - helpful you print out copies and bring with you to take notes and follow along demonstration.  I have Bernina and Viking machines, but these feet - whether brand machine name or universal - all work the same way and achieve similar results.  And as always, I'll demo how to achieve similar results without the special machine foot with just your regular pressure foot and regular stitches.  And, always you have option to watch demo and then work on your samples at home.  We  have supplies already on hand to use for making sample pages - no need to make any special purchases - scrap pieces of fabrics are great to use up for these.

Please continue to keep Lois Rose in  your prayers.  Several members have hubbies going thru health problems, prayers to those as well.  And just everyone, please have a good week and stay safe in the sun, 

As always, God bless to all, 
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     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts

Ed note:  Thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers and for the great edible arrangements basket.  I am doing good, but it will take a few weeks for me to get back to the point where I can join you again.  In the meantime, my hubby is taking good care of me and I am able to do some light sewing to keep me busy.  I have follow up doctor appointments on 7/9 and 7/13, so I hope to know more about the path forward soon.