Saturday, October 12, 2013

Show & Tell October 12, 2013

This was Sandy Pawlowski’s last day with us.  She and her husband are moving to another community, outside of the Villages.  We gave her a farewell card and Micki presented her with a cow mug and a vest kit.

Once again, Cheryl Minieri came with her fidget quilt creations for the week.

Not to be outdone, the following fidget quilts were added to our supplies: 

Pat Pipa

Sharon Ross
Helen Lowry
May Kahlow

Eileen Navikas


Donna Chaffe Came with 5 Fidget Quilts !

 And then there were the doggy beds, made by Pat Pipa, Helen Lowrey, and Lois Rose

 Pat Pepa showed us a Pumpkin wall wanging mad of very small quilt blocks.

 Jane Swafford came with an embroidered Christmas Sweatshirt
 Joy Stanton showed off her name art and a lovely tote.

 Donna Chaffee brought a quilt she made for her sister.

Eileen Navikas showed how she is using a rope that Sandy Pawlowski gave her to make a basket.
 Winnie DePastino showed gift boxes she made from old greeting cards and a lovely afghan she crocheted.

 Jill Smithson showed a purse she made from selvages.

 Mickie MacCumbee showed off this gorgeous purse and a card case she made..

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Show & Tell October 5, 2013

 We had a great lunch & learn day (as usual). Lots of great food.

 Linda McIntyre - Sewing Bag (terrific one! that she will be demoing soon for us), wallet, purse, and a Disney Quilt that is awesome.  Linda has Brother Embr Sewing Machine that came with the Disney Designs.  So Cool!

 Helen Foxx (Mom)- this is one "foxy lady" dressed to the "T" in Halloween colors, socks so sharp in her cute MaryJane shoes.  Fabulous!!  She's ready to put out Halloween candy in her Cloth Candy Dish - and yes, Helen will be demoing these cuties soon.

Linda Parr (Daughter) - showed and shared pillowcases - good stuff!

 Carol Riggs who I tried to rename Donna, but that was okay because Carol was on a one-liner-roll all meeting long!  Carol displayed a full basket of pillowcases made to sell, veggie bags to sell at her ConnKerr Fundraiser this Thursday at her house.  I'll send separate email about that.  And Carol showed off her nameART done - Mia!  Very nice!!  Those short names are the best!

Delaine Koonce - showed off crochet items - adorable Christmas balls, scarf, bag/purse and washcloths, and her beaded necklace.  Now, I have no idea how Delaine has time to do all of those because I saw her working at Walgreens on Sunday!  If you get down to Walgreens at Colony Plaza, stop in to see if Delaine is there, and then buy something so she can ring you up! 

Donna Pachy - at my insistence - shared a couple purchased items - one was given from her sister and is a charming wool bird on wooden spool pincushion, and a purchased placemat that has 3-D leaves embellishing it.

She also  showed her completed name art.

 Lois Rose - Shared her latest Fidget Quilts made, one utilizing one of hubby's ties, those seem to have extra meaning for Lois. 

 Eileen DiSanto - shared and donated pillowcases for ConnKerr - great assortment for babies to teens.
 Pat Pipa - who is turning into a fearless crafter - made a Red-White-Blue Fidget Quilt (Ladies we are asked often for patriotic theme Fidget Quilts because so many in facilities are either veterans or spouses of vets.), Christmas ornament that was in the craft demos from guild we sent around last month, and cute stuffed pumpkins proto-types - that are the craft this month for Homewood and Mission Oaks.

 Kathy Jones - and I did not goof up her name once the whole meeting but then Kathy Nichols was missing so I was not "challenged" between the two of them - showed and donated more Fidgets - 3 really soft, lovely, silky ones, with beautiful themes each.  Kathy will be doing her chenille making demo for us soon - Yea!

Carol Lynch - showed us several beautiful quilt kits she has for sale and will be on the table along the left wall for sale items.

  Cheryl Minieri - showed and donated 3 Fidget Quilts and Cheryl has added a new dimension to her creations - double sided or "Reversible Fidgets".  Yes, Cheryl has so much fun styling and laying out Fidget Quilt comforting fronts that she's now wrapping around finishing touches on reverse side.  How cool, and this is great idea!!  Yea, Cheryl!  Perfect finish for show and tell, too.