Saturday, August 29, 2015

August 29 Update and September Calendar

These 5 ladies finished male oriented fidget quilts at our sit-and-sew meeting this week.
Hi Fabric Fun Ladies:  September Squares - we're going to continue our look at easy piecing, pressing, and finishing up with fun techniques - this month with squares - provided by our rose of a lady - Lois Rose - who spent lots of her recuperation time at home just cutting up scraps of fabrics into piles of squares - lots of sizes - and now she's turning them over to us for our charitable sewing learning and sharing.    We've got some easy projects, some fancy ideas, some more involved piecing, alternate blocks from squares, and all those fun machine feet we've been using with the stripper fun in August - 1/4" foot, open embroidery foot, piping foot, and that all important universal foot.   

September 5 - Let the square dancing... piecing... begin - bring your machine and grab a stack of squares, sew squares together to make twosies, sew twosies together to make foursies, sew foursies together and you've just completed one row for a baby quilt top!!  Sew 5-6 or so more rows, join the rows one at a time, and guess what you've got completed - yippers, a baby/toddler size blanket/quilt top.  This can then easily be paired - sandwiched - with a piece of flannel - have some easy straight top stitching - that's known as quilting the quilt - and you are ready to add a binding - and we'll make that process easy for you, too!! 

Want to make your own project with squares - we've a few fun projects to share for you and these can be done using charm squares or layer cakes!!

September 12 - Becky Chianese will demo the "one hour fabric basket" - her demo will not take too long, so you can bring your machines and easily sew up  your own basket.  Becky provides the following supply list needed -  1/2 yard for exterior of basket and fat quarter for lining.  One yard of thermolam.  You can use a fat quarter for exterior, however you will need extra fabric for the handles.    (I am buying a supply of thermolam - Pellon one-sided lofty fusible - that I will sell off to ladies at the fair price to just recoup the money I put out for the supply.)  You will only need about a fat quarter piece of the thermolam.  Picture of the basket is attached to this email.  We do have a pattern for this basket.  Becky adds, "It measures 7" high about 10" long and about 7" inches wide.  Big enough if a person made it in Christmas fabric you could use as a gift basket."  I think it's perfect basket to put cookies in for a nice hostess gift, too. 


September 26 - Sit & Sew - lets finish up the September Squares charity quilts - we'll start meeting with review of walking foot and free motion foot.  We've got some easy exercises for newbies to do that will get you started and provide good practice using these useful feet.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to email me back.  I'm not always easy to reach by telephone, but I do check emails every day at least once, and can "shoot" back a reply quickly that way. 

Quick email this week since last Saturday we did not do any Show & Tell. 

As always, God bless you all,

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(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts

Friday, August 28, 2015

Weekly Update - August 22, 2015

Ed Note: I haven't received any photos yet, for last week, so I am just posting Micki's text.  If I get any I'll update this later.
Hi Fabric Fun Ladies, hope that you are having a good weekend.  I've been so happy since last Wednesday nothing can spoil my day... at therapy for hand I was able to fold in my fist and have all 4 fingers reach the palm - I was like a kid learning some new fantastic trick.  Those little things... don't we cherish them.  But then on Thursday, I lost my voice - yippers, it's only a squeak at the present time.  Thankfully, BJ Herter came to our aide and took over the meeting on Saturday and did a wonderful job leading everyone thru the show & tell.    BJ only had one persistent annoyance to deal with... the picture taker for the meeting kept forgetting her job - - that be me - - Lois Rose, you were greatly missed but we know you & hubby Ray are off traveling the FL highways and byways and just about wrapping up your Row By Row Shop Hop hopping.   Can't wait to hear all about it!

3 new nice ladies came in to our meeting on Saturday and though I didn't get to talk with them personally, I want to say (as loudly as possible) in this weekly up welcome to them and we look forward to learning and sharing our sewing crafting fun with you at future meetings. 

I had a request to re-send the Double Vision EZ cutting document information.  Let me emphasize couple things.  1.  These instructions can be altered to make a double vision wallhanging or quilt with any size panel or fabric pieces.  2.  Main Panel/Focus Fabric is cut in varying widths WOF (see document) and those widths do not need to be the exact measurements in directions, i.e., there might be a flower or part of motif you want to leave "in tact" so make the width of that strip accordingly given the fact that you need 1/4" on both sides of strips for seam allowance.  3.  Second Panel/Background Fabric strips are ALL cut the same width except for the left and right wider border strips.  4.  When using accent fabrics to add to top and bottom of main panel and background fabric, be sure to make those cuts, sew them to the panel and fabric pieces BEFORE cutting the strips to create Double Vision effect.  The accent pieces create the top and bottom borders in essence. 

Some of us are finishing up Double Vision projects, and some of us are just beginning their projects.  I still have the two projects planned for my sons/daughters-in-law which I'm planning to cut out the rest tonight and begin again.  I've got my own creation - that I did finish but have forgotten to bring with me 2 weeks in a row now... Micki, Micki!! where is your brain... and we have done several charitable quilts using the technique.  I have a few more panels to use for charity quilts if anyone wants to work along with us using the "double vision" effect strip piecing.  I'll supply the panels, accent pieces, backing, binding and batting to complete the charity quilt in a toddler/child size (smaller than a twin) to go to the Ocala shelter families.  I'll have the pieces with me this coming Saturday.

YES - 5th SATURDAY this month!!  That means a bonus week of our club fun, so let's put it to good use.  It will be SIT & SEW! only.  We won't do Show & Tell.  So bring your machines, and let's make that room buzz.  I'll do quick demo for anyone wanting to work on Double Vision - newbies this is a great project for a beginner - easy cutting - easy 1/4 inch seaming - and easy piecing together.  We'll be there for you all the way.  There will be FIDGET Quilt work going on - We need to get a supply of men's quilt together again.  And there will be plenty of help with that for newbies just wanting to get into doing these small - NO MISTAKES - projects that help the fidgeting hands of Alzheimer and Dementia patients.  We've got the "bases" ready to go, you have fun picking out the "stuff" to embellish and add on, and like we say - creativity is your game - and you cannot make a mistake - every one turns out perfect and precious to the beholders.  Fidget Quilts are the single most rewarding sewing I have ever done in my entire life, the most fun, and the most proud.  I kid you not, it is just too good, like potato chips you can't eat one, Fidgets, you can't just make one!!

One of our new members is Juanita "Nit-A" Hand who is a member of Busy Hands, Happy Hearts (BHHH) club here in The Villages.  In fact, over the years, several FFAC have been members of both clubs at the same time - imagine that - here in The Villages, we have so many options and the more the merrier, we say!  Nita keeps pointing out how so much of what we do goes hand-in-hand with what they do, and I know that's true because over the years you all have shared and taken supplies back and forth when the occasion presents itself.  I'm just very proud and happy about that.  We are in this for the fun, social, sewing crafting time together and doing good to boot.  Sew, I'm going to be getting a few of that club's patterns to show Fabric Fun Ladies over the next few months.  We can't always get to a meeting, cut sometimes we still like to sew and add to the giving.  BHHH meets this Monday at Coconut Grove Rec at 1PM.  I'm really hoping to finally make it to one of their meetings.

Show & Tell:  (taking pictures, and not very good at that either, I really did not take good notes - in fact, no notes - so sorry for brief descriptions this week because in no way does that mean the projects weren't noteworthy - in fact, just the contrary!!  They were ALL your usual terrific work and I kept getting caught up in looking and forgot to do the picture taking gig!

Sue Campbell - brought in two more pillowcases - ABC's for back to school theme - how nice is that - if anyone gets to WalMart or Joann's and picks up some fabric with coupon or on sale racks that are juvenile/kids themes, please don't hesitate - the club will reimburse you.  Each pillowcase takes about 1 yard of fabric. 

Audrey Philips - Crafty Owls - CHECK OUT THE PICTURES - this will be a fun sewing crafting day for our club in the future - We all were head-over-heals over these owls and so we have Audrey tasked to secure a supply for us to have a Sit & Sew Owl Day - these owl bases are just $1 each at the dollar store - so look for more info on this.  Honestly, unless you want to buy your own embellishing stuff, there's plenty of crafting "stuff" on the shelves to create up a bunch of hoot owls in all varieties.  Going to be fun!!   We'll let you know - I'm thinking 1st Sat. of Oct. for now. 

Jane Swafford - Tissue Box Cover - love it, Jane - thank you for doing one!

Nita Hand - Hot Roll Cover - gong to get this pattern written up by her - it's easy but terrific project to sew up, handy, too.

Suzanne Brown - Kitchen Towel project she's doing with her fun embroidery machines.

Donna Rissman - Cuter than cute Pot Minions - made using cans.  I would love to do these for my grandsons.  We saw the movie together when they were here, so gotta do these for their pencils, scissors, etc.  Donna said it is a free internet project, so I'll go to WWW and find it.

Eileen Navikas - always brings in such beautiful work and this time another little quilt.  This lady knows how to put fabrics together!!

I know I still owe you all the Fabric Tissue Box Holder and On-Point Square Placemats for round/rectangular tables.  I'll figure out the pdf deficit with my printer one of these days.  

Remember... it's not too early to start watching, listening and learning what all the candidates are doing and saying about all the vital issues confronting our country today and for the future... we all like to think that we leave this a better place for our grandchildren and future generations... but that's not the future for America if it stays on the slippery slope of the last 40 or so years.  And as with technology that advances so tremendously with leaps and bounds... so do the world wide problems and internal struggles here in America are accelerated.  2016 is pivotal and just around the corner... we, our families, friends and neighbors better be paying attention and get the right candidates elected so they will pick and choose the absolute best and brightest to be in charge and run our country.  World Wide economic jitters yes are happening, but for sure it is the moral fabric of our nation that is the greatest concern for all of us. 

God bless you and God bless America,  

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(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekly Update - August 15, 2015

Hi All Y'All - Fun day Saturday with pretty faces, new faces, and the Audrey Phililps family reunion spending their afternoon with us.  Talk about our club's sister duo's - Audrey's group is a trio of girls who came to sew together and a grand-daughter came along, too!!  You know how we start meetings by acknowledging and saying hello to "New Today" ladies.  When I looked down at the slip of paper, I saw Juanita known as Nita, Hand her last name, then next line Hannah and next line Anita and Vick last name of those two... it was like okay... hans and itas and what???  So!  Juanita "Nita" Hand came with Eileen DiSanto who are both members of Busy Hands Happy Hearts.  Hannah Vick is Audrey's grand-daughter and daughter of Anita Vick!  I had the "Philips" girls straight for about a whole a minute on Saturday and I think one more time, and I'll have it. 

I went over a bunch of stuff after show and tell that includes couple of small-quick projects and a fun strip piecing technique called "tube quilting" that creates pretty quilt blocks very easily and fast.  We looked at bindings and beyond for our double panel "double vision" wallhangings and bindings for projects in general.  Attached are pdfs that go along with what was shown.  Tube Quilting is in the "Just Sew It - Piece by Piece" pdf from Bernina page3.  Unfortunately, I don't have tissue box cover or "on-point" placemats in pdf form yet, so I need to get those done and then can send them out.  I'll have a couple copies at the meeting on Saturday for ladies. 

Then after demos, some ladies actually sat and sewed up the quick tissue box covers from some of the pieces of fabrics on hand that had been cut to size.  It was especially fun to see some of the variations already created and sewn up.   The variations all came from the Philips Trio + grand-daughter table and I think they were just getting started thinking up how to personalize the project.  Hannah Vick for sure is an artistic young lady and she attached the side buttons in off-set fashion that added a "flare" for sure.  And the sisters preferred a smaller opening for the tissue and made it more of a long rectangle one with satin stitch edges, almost looking like very long buttonholes. 

Lois Rose reported delivering doggies beds and 40 cat hammocks to Marion County along with quilts and pillowcases to the Ocala shelter for women and children.  Good stuff ladies - your good talents and time well spent - delivered right to needy organizations in our community!  FYI, Lois and Rose are on the road again to make the swing to all the rest of the quilt shops in FL part of the Row by Row Quilt Shop Hop!  Congratulations to Lois for her many recent victories, but I'm very envious for her hubby who is her quilt shop hop chauffeur!! 

BJ Herter tells me that Judy Hansen has posted a great picture of Lois Rose to her blog on Facebook for Quilt Shop of Deland.  Way to go Lois and Bobbin Robin on your Row to Row quest this summer!!  Kudos!!!

Show & Tell:

Eileen DiSanto - Busy Hands Happy Hearts Doll!  and Double Vision birdie quilt finished for charity!!

Pat Pipa - Double Vision wallhanging quilt - beautifully made with the flowers jumping out into the borders - !!!

Nita Hand - lots to share - stuff from Busy Hands Happy Hearts - I'm going to get the "cap" pattern for us to give these worthwhile ladies a "hand" one day by devoting a special day for us to use up and sew up a bunch for their charitable effort!  Travel basket with ties instead of snaps or velcro, and a book jacket for when youdon't want the cover to get dirty or when you don't want people to know what you are reading. ;-)

Anita Vick - necklace beautifully made with bubbly cap, little glue, etc - lovely jewelry!

Hannah Vick - Spiderman Afgan - her own pattern, her beautiful crochet stitches, and lucky boy-friends!!  FYI, friend loved it so much he reciprocated by giving Hannah a whole set of crochet hooks - thoughtful, right?!  Yes!!

Audrey Philips - Double Vision quilt coming along - on to more borders - and it will be a wonderful charity quilt, too!
Lynne Delgado - Lynne was sharing pictures of the beautiful pillows and bags made in heirloom fashion that Audrey shared with us.  Truly beautiful sewing, Ladies!!
Linda Parr - almost finished quilt for one of her neighbors becoming a grandmom for the first time - Good stuff!  Linda and her wonderful Mom, RIP sweet Helen Foxx, always using their talents and sewing fun to share with their neighbors and family.  
Lu Karatzas - Lu was allowed to go FIRST before all else of meeting started because she was needing to get to URGENT CARE to have a sliced right thumb looked after - hope that turned out well!!!  Lu stopped in to share the tape measure tote purses she made after Carol's demo last week!  Nice straps added to the bags!!

Lois Rose - beautiful wreath, sewing turtle and another tissue box cover  - we think Lois actually took time out for sleeping this week ha ha!!

Carol Riggs - double vision birds - good stuff - now she'll be adding on in a very unique way - to create a little larger quilt blanket for charity.  Carol and I brainstormed - yippers we both have brains and used them - to figure best and very efficient way for her to make and add on quilted borders to the "base quilt" - - RAG quilting technique - WOW what a terrific alternative came out of our talking thru some options.  We went from hard, less hard, a bit easy to dang this is going to be easy!!

Susie Pindry - another stack of cat hammocks (and Bev Minnerly made it an bakers "double dozen" by adding another one onto the stack!). 

Busy Hands Happy Hearts are participating in the Oct. 17 Craft Fair and will be in the Laurel Manor Rec. location.  I mention them because we know that their clubs participation is their club's fundraiser to have funds for their charitable sewing projects.   So when you purchase one of these lovely goodies at the fair, you know that the money will be going to a good cause for sure!  It's a great idea and one that we've thought about doing with FFAC thru the years.  So, we'll see and talk about this maybe sometime in the winter months.  We could pick 3 or 4 projects/items we love to make, see what supplies we have on hand, see if we have enough ladies willing to "crank out a whole lot of them" so we could price them right and sell them at a craft fair.  We could then turnaround that effort to use Joann coupons and buy lots of fleece, supplies, batting, childrens fabrics!!!, the stuff we are always using and running out of - and we would be able to stop "begging"!

Next Sat. is Lunch & Learn - it's August Appetizers!!  As always, no RSVPs required, come as you are, hope to see you. 

September Squares - please see pdf attached that is breakdown of "How Many Squares in a Yard?!"  In case you have a 1/2 or whole yard around that you don't plan to use, consider cutting up some squares to add to the stacks Lois Rose has already created.  Then join in sewing up one or more of the fun patterns - they are easy - it's SQUARES - and what do squares make - ROWS - and what do rows make - QUILTS... just like that... DONE.  Of course, can't resist looking at some of the fun and sew (SO) creative patterns "out there" in the world wide web and in the books and magazines galore.  Pick a pattern, pick a color, pick a theme, pick a collage of all - simple piecing and you'll be amazed. 

Reminder - August does have a 5th Saturday-August 29th and that will be a Sit & Sew day for Fabric Fun - men's fidget quilts is one idea - there are quite a few "fidget bases" on hand that just needs the choosing and embellishing done that we can do together in the 3 hours.  We'll suspend show and tell for August 29th so we can sit down at 1 pm and sew together.  It's always a lot of fun when we do just that!   Hope you have the week available to come!

 As always, God bless America,
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Weekly Update - August 8, 2015

Hi Ladies - Welcome to Kathy Franklin who joined our club yesterday all the way from Orlando, FL.  Kathy's sister, Susie Pindry, joined in several weeks ago (and I think has made about 60-75 cat hammocks in her short time already!).  Our club now has a 2nd sister duo, and I'm happy about it, and of course, jealous at the same time!!  It's been a joy watching Sue Campbell and Jane Swafford over the years with not just their friendship but love and how they enjoy their hobby of sewing crafting together.  Kathy's just getting started in sewing, bought a machine now, and eager to learn and do.  These four ladies are the heart of how this club began and has grown, to share and learn for all sewers, beginners to advanced, quilters, crafters, seamstress, home dec, to name a few topics - by hand and machine - we kind of get into it all.  

Last Saturday we continued our stripping adventure and there are some pretty projects in the works and you'll see some during the show & tell.  Please consider looking at the "EdgeStitch Foot" and "Open Embroidery Foot" for some of your machine stitching.  I've attached a couple pdf's that have explanation and exercise for these feet and how they can aide us to make those perfect fancy stitches that are always beautiful additions to projects.  Don't have the fancy stitches on your machine, these feet are still useful when using variegated threads for sewing around projects and couching lovely yarns and fibers as embellishments.  

Carol Riggs gave everyone her "Snap Purse" Demo on Saturday - and Lu Karatzas devied out lots of tape measure lengths for ladies to make their own bags now.  Thank you, Carol, you make beautiful snap purses for sure and Lu - you're just a big help always!!

Next Saturday, I'm sharing couple binding options for our Double Vision Wallhangings - they are not your usual run-of-the-mill bindings.  But, I will have very quick demo on basic binding that everyone starts out with - it's just tried and true - what's that saying about learning to ride a 3-wheel before you get on a 2-wheel bike - sort of like that.  It's necessary to learn the basics of bindings.  That provides your foundation that will give you success every time whether you do some embellishing or variation later on.   

4th Saturday August - Lunch & Learn - Let's do Hors d'oeuvre August!  Yes, what's your favorite one-bite before or during dinner item?  We might need to take down recipes with this one because we can all use new ideas for these ymmies here in The Villages where we're always going to a party, meeting, or function with opportunity to bring a homemade (or store bought!) item to share.  That's "Lunch" and "Learn" will be those pretty pouches with zippers - so yes, the zipper foot! and plastic canvas and an unexpected twist that even I didn't see coming!!  And just in time for kids' school supplies, too.  

Yes, I've been having fun this month with some of the sewing exploration but eventually I've got to get down to business and do up some projects planned for winter and holiday giving.  

Speaking about which - charitable sewing is a great way to enhance our holiday spirits and giving fun.  Last year this club did a fast and furious quick turnaround project for a shelter in Wildwood to provide a whole big bunch of quilts for gift giving there.  Let's look at doing something similar this year, too.  Maybe the same shelter, or maybe someone has a new need in the area, or could point to some other place.  Don't be shy, our hearts are big, and we a have slew of material on hand that will fit our purpose.  

September Squares - gearing up with fun ideas for working thru all the fabric squares Lois Rose has been cutting and organizing for - charity quilts!!  Ladies, can't help but show you some Fun with Simple Squares because it's boundless... just as sewing up simple strips can get you unique patterns.  Simple seams, simple shapes, spectacular stuff. If you're following along with Foot Book, my emphasis September will be more "techniques" than machine foot know-how.  But the overall emphasis will be simply fun sewing with squares.  Please plan to bring your machines every Saturday you can because we'll have squares and patterns to sit and sew.    Lunch & Learn for September will be 10-minute tablerunner - great pattern and project for our holiday tables and gift giving!!  Pat Pipa is going to do the demo for us - always a favorite with club ladies.  And don't forgets - Sept. 12th Becky Chinese will demo "One Hour Fabric Basket" - again good timing for gift giving and setting on our table runners with holiday candies and other yummies.  Coordinate the table runner and basket for a holiday ensemble gift!  Oh, don't get me started...!

Show & Tell:

Pat Pipa - Wallhanging ! This is a lovely Welcome Fall home dec project with my kind of sewing - topstitching to accent and add 3-D, add on embellishing, beautiful panel made WOW!

Mary Ann Emrick - Camo Cat Hammocks - yea kitties - and lots and lots of pillowcases made by her friend Charlotte a member of MEQ club that meets Tuesday mornings at Big Cypress.  Side Note here - Please give MEQ a big shout out from FFAC of THANKS for all the support and sewing some members have given our charitable sewing over the years - very terrific and big thanks!!

Jane Swafford - sewed up another one of her designer perfect pillowcases to donate!

Carol Riggs - guess...???... yes, you're right - Snap Purse!!   Our one-liner girl is enjoying a one-item sewing spectacular time!!

Sue Campbell - pillowcases - see my point about Sisters Duo - Sue and Jane!!  These two ladies are perfect joys to know and they sure do beautiful sewing!!


Lois Rose - shared a couple more of the 12-month tissue box embroidery fun she's been having, and her Double Vision wallhanging - check it out - perfect use of altering her foreground panel's strip widths and "staggering" for very WOW! project turnout.  Beautiful!!

 Bev Minnerly - shared a whole bunch of stuff starting with pillowcases, giving doll clothes (and she's going to show us some of the giving dolls, too!), her gorgeous Double Vision project! and another panel that has a defect.  She got the panel for pennies at a yard sale years ago and guess what, it is perfect for the Double Vision type project.  Bev's going to have fun with that one!

Susie Pindry - 24 more cat hammocks - check out the beautiful stack of loverly sewn kitty comforts sitting in her lap in the picture that Lois took for the blog.  What can I say, this lady alone has kept this one charitable effort way over the top!!

Lu Karatzas - shared her finished crochet'd "Messenger Bag" - with zippered pocket, shaped lining, just great work. Lu loves taking basic sewing and doing it right but adding her own ideas in to do design and finishing.  I just marvel at it all because this is great use of energy and talent.  Lu also shared a wallhanging quilt from 2000 (we know because of her LABEL!) and its story.  A beautiful watercolor, fused grid quilted project, of a special family island - great stuff!!

Eileen DiSanto - shared her Double Vision work in progress.

I shared a Doggie Blanket that i finished up for my grandson, Reed.  One of the week's the two boys were here, Reed had to come to FFAC with me a little early for set up, so he sat and sewed up a whole bunch of those upholstery fabric squares.  He sewed twosies, then foursies, then sewed the foursies rows together.  I just took the top, added a pre-quilted bottom to it, some topstitching, and now I'll send it up to Reed for his new puppy Coal, his 6 month old labradoodle.  And I shared the bird panel small quilt completed from the Double Vision small version panel demo.  Besides the top stitching with decorative stitches, I embellished its border with couched on yarns.  It's hopefully going to make some small child a happy napper very soon.

Big Thanks goes out to Chris Moore of Village of Hillsboro who once again made purchase of two large pieces of fleece and flannel and bought in to donate to FFAC for our charitable sewing projects - This is so nice! - To receive brand new, large pieces of fabrics we love to use for our kitty hammocks, doggie beds and quilt sewing for charity.  We could use the fun children's cotton fabrics for pillowcases and quilt tops.  If you are in your other club meetings and come across ladies who want to donate in some way, maybe mention that we are always in need of the children's fabrics for charity sewing, especially large pieces for pillowcases. Just mentioning this in case a time or occasion presents itself.  I'm going to make an effort to get to WalMart and check out their sale fabric and pick up some large pieces for the club to use for pillowcases and other projects for charity.  Thanks as always!

Have a lovely week all.  Please continue your prayers for our first responders, military men and women and all their families, and our great nation that seems to be reaching a time in its growth where it can continue its greatness and freedom or it can continue the slippery slope into further debt and moral decay. 

We all believe in our freedoms and love our lives, but that didn't come free and it will not continue without our due diligence as citizens to promote what we know to be true.  We are a country built on freedoms and rule of law set forth in our Constitution and founding documents.  We are conservatives, liberals and moderates to varying degrees in our two party system, Republican and Democrat labels. 

There are big differences in the two parties for sure, but we all enjoy our freedoms and want that - D Americans and R Americans all agree on that!!   However, just this week it was very startling to hear the DNC Chairwomen stumble over the question posed to her, "What is the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?"  She stumbled, did not answer and from her point of view could not answer the question.  I don't think any of us middle Americans in either party want to be headed or considered a Socialist!  That is not America!  That is why it was so astounding to hear and think that the head of one of the political parties was posed the question and fumbled completely to not answer it.  Both parties have problems within, but the head of one is a big problem for sure.  That's my take - I don't want to be living in a socialist state and hopefully people like her will be put in the back burners this go around.  We need to bring leaders to the forefront of our parties again who are Americans and proud of it, proud to uphold and stand by our Constitution and Rule of Law.  Change - hogwash - America is great just how it was - it grows - it always corrects injustices - and it has morals and trustworthiness.  We don't need anymore progressive change-masters dividing us anymore!  God bless America and 2016 election cycle - it's here already!

God bless all of you,  
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts

Saturday, August 1, 2015

WeeklyUpdate- August 1, 2015

Hi Fabric Fun Ladies:  Last Saturday kicked off a month of stripper fun - no we did not start "pole dancing" - we started looking at cutting, sewing, pressing, and finishing up projects using strips and strips sets.   Next month - September - we'll be doing some of the same fun only using squares - all size - make is small - make it big - still doing the same stuff.  One of the good tips to learn and use when working with squares is how to get those "4-way intersections" just right - again, simply good 1/4 inch seam, proper pressing, and easing "pining" gets that flat intersection every time.  What that you say - yes, it will be an easy Foot Book exercise and page!   

Along with this ongoing fun - ladies feel free to join in with your own projects and demos to show and share.  Becky Chinese is showing us a "one hour basket" the 2nd Sat. in September!  We love all the fabric basket and bowl patterns we've tried over the years, and I'm sure this one from Becky will become a favorite.  And just in time for holiday gift sewing!  

Thinking ahead, and considering a couple projects for October and November - we'll take on Snippets and Paper Piecing  - both project lots of fun to do stuff.  For instance, want to make a one of a kind Christmas Tree - do it using snippets!  I've got one to show you.  And holiday gifts are quick and easy to make using paper piecing - cards, potholders, gift bags, etc.  No worries, there's a few Foot Book pages and exercises to go with these ideas, too!!

Again - this is just my game plan for sewing up some fun for you (and me), share ideas, share and learn together to make our sewing crafting time as pleasant as possible.  But I love it when you join in to give ideas and share your projects and ideas with the group. 

Couple of those things that we'll be scheduling - Snap Purses (Carol Riggs) and Wing Needle "heirloon" sewing (Audrey Philips) - don't panic ladies, I'm not going anywhere and will be happy to provide you all the moral support you want for these!!  You've shown them and now we want to see how they are made.  

Before show & tell recap gotta say how great it was to see some ladies back, looking fabrulous, and seeing their smiles and what they are doing!!  I'm talking about Sue Campbell (knee woos), Audrey Philips (her heart scare), Janey Westra (travel), Kathy Nichols (travel) and Lois Rose (her surgery)!!  Feels like I'm missing someone.... oh yeah - Lu Kazatzas (back from the north)!!  Now maybe I can get on track a bit better -  ha ha!!

Show & Tell:

Sue Campbell - Pillowcases to donate and Fidget Quilt - big fishy - so terrific to see
 Lu Kazatzas - she's still working on learning crochet stitches and makes a wash cloth with each one of her sample stitchouts - that's pretty cool use of time and material - she crocheted up a slew of scarves for friends and family ladies - made crochet purses by designing her own pattern.

 Eileen DiSanto - shared 3 snap purses - yes, Eileen & Carol got together to sew again this week!!

Audrey Philips - showed her completed row by row tote bag and shared some beautiful heirloom pillows and wedding hankie she makes up using wing needle - this stuff is just gorgeous and maybe it's not so popular sewing with today's Modern Ladies and Millenials - but one day they will again want to embrace and cherish these heirloom items and sewing - wait & see!!  And adorable "Flat Squirrel"

Pat Pipa - besides my being challenged saying Pat's very easy last name right again - as always whatever the need, Pat is willing to make and donate - and this week it is a Man's Fidget Quilt.  Side note here - we'll be scheduling a separate sewing crafting social time soon to focus and make up a bunch of man's fidget quilts.

She also completed a charity quilt from blocks leftover from our charity quilt challenge last year. Pat's got a jump on our September project.

Janey Westra - Whole bunch of charitable sewing - pillowcases and rag quilts - Janey has done something that makes it very special, for each one of the pillowcases, Janey found a $1 store little golden (time) book to put with one.  For instance, for a pillowcase with cars and trucks, that one had a book about those,    Really great, great idea!!!  And Janey shared a couple snap purses made with very beautiful Alzheimer material.  I've never seem that fabric before, and hope that I can look it up and find a piece to have.  It's gorgeous purple fabric.

Jane Swafford - back to pillowcases - Jane sewed up a few for this week to donate!!

Nancy Cartlidge - shared an adorable Puppy Raincoat - made from a real man's raincoat - Talk about taking a negative and turn it around for positive - this is just what Nancy did.  Her hubby had a serious motorcycle accident wearing the raincoat.  The EMT's had to cut the raincoat off him.  Long story short - hubby is better and better, even back to motorcycling.  And Nancy took the cut off raincoat scraps and fashioned up something for their puppy - who rides in a side seat on the new motorcycle.

Carol Riggs - Snap Purses - Carol seems to be the ringleader here with the snap purse sewing - so we're going to have Carol lead us thru this fun use of those metal tapemeasures!!

Bev Minnerly - card hold for triple play card decks - that's taking her fun sewing talent to make a item for another club's fun - great!!

Kathy Nichols - Finished a couple of pillow cases and sewed up a quilt using Lois Rose charitable squares - Kathy did a beautiful job and turned it into an "I Spy" fun quilt for a little one.  

Lois Rose - shared her completed Row by Row Tote bag jammed packs with zippered pockets galore and that she has taken to 45 Shops!!  Yes, surgery and recovery - nothing keeps our energizer Rose down - and hubby Ray loves to drive (and even pick out fabric - now doesn't that make each of us just darn jealous - I know I am!)  And Lois embroidered up a whole huge bunch of tissue holders during her home recovery time - check out the picture.  She's got one for every holiday, every occasion!!

Ladies - this week some of the debates begin to get to know and hear answers from the men and women who are campaigning to be the next POTUS - 2016 Elections will come and be at hand before we know it - it is not to early to get involved and learn and hear from all these men and women.  And the perils ahead for this great nation demands that we take time to be informed and vote for a man or woman who will be trustworthy of each and every one of our votes and absolute be of character to uphold our Constitution and Rule of Law.  This Thursday on Fox News Channel there will be a debate with the GOP front runners and a separate debate for those who do not make the cut as a "front" runner.  So it is a chance to hear from ALL on the right (so far).   Regardless of your political leaning or affiliation, I urge you as an American Citizen, to watch, listen, verify,for yourself and urge your friends, family and neighbors to do the same.  We need to do lots of background work this election cycle - this country deserves our attention.  We cannot continue to let Washington run rampant and take our country down anymore.
God bless each of  you and God bless America
 ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·'
     Micki MacCumbee

Club Leader, Fabric Fun Arts & Crafts